Black Women of Brazil

The site dedicated to Brazilian women of African descent

Aizita Nascimento

Trained as a registered nurse, Aizita Nascimento was also a actress and model that appeared in both Brazilian film and television. She won the Miss Renascença contest of 1963. Clube Renascença was a black social club established in February of 1951 in Rio de Janeiro. The goal of the club was to rescue or neutralize the negative stigma asociated with black Brazilians and show how one could be a black person of middle-class status. In Brazil, to be black is to be poor, dirty and badly-educated. The image of the black family was that of disorganization, incompleteness and instability. Likewise, although some black (inclusive of mulata) women were considered attractive, Brazilian society deemed these women only good for the kitchen or the bedroom.
Clube Renascença (which may have been influenced by the Harlem Renaissance) sought to project the image of black women as suitable for marriage as well as a standard of beauty, education, etiquette and elegance. In the 70s and 80s, Nascimento also worked as a television host for the TV Cultura network. She would eventually end her artistic career and return to nursing. Nascimento is one of the few Afro-Brazilian actresses of acclaim from the 1960s and 70s.

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