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Roberta Almeida

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Actress Roberta Almeida moved to the city of Rio de Janeiro from São Paulo with her family at the age 19. She is a also a Salsa dancer and a student of the circus, two activities she basically abandoned after enrolling she started taking theatre classes in São Paulo, joining the theatre group, “Sinceramente Cínicos”. According to the actress, after having discovered her true calling in São Paulo in the artistic environment, she “went to sleep and woke up an actress. I found myself! Today I’m taking classes and I haven’t stopped studying. I want to perfect myself more and more.”
Her talents would eventually lead her to the role of the domestic, Nice, in the novela “Viver a Vida” in 2009. Having famous people in her family has also helped. Her brother is actor Rafael Almeida, her sister, singer Tânia Mara, and her brother in law is novela director Jayme Monjardim. 

Almeida’s addition to the pages of Black Women of Brazil could be a little questionable because she hasn’t made any statements, as far as we know, as to how she identifies herself. Discussing the issue with a few Brazilian friends, two told me that they saw her as “negra” (black) although two of them acknowledged that it wouldn’t be surprising if Brazilians or Almeida herself defined her as a morena. Another friend said Almeida was “indisputably” black. She caught my eye because her look reminded me somewhat of actress Paula Patton and singer Alicia Keys. What do you think? Feel free to leave a comment…

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This entry was posted on February 27, 2012 by in Actress, Afro-Brazilian women, Rio de Janeiro, Roberta Almeida, Viver a Vida.
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