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Taís Araújo becomes a futuristic diva in photographic essay

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This taken from a April 13th, post about actress Taís Araújo:

“I place her on my list of ‘Brazilian Beyonces‘ because, as I have written elsewhere, like Ms. Knowles in the US, for a while, she was the Brazilian media’s “it” black girl. Black women are effectively excluded from Brazil’s women’s magazine covers but when they DO feature a black woman, it is usually Taís. And like Beyonce, there was a period a few years ago in which she appeared on the covers of a number of well-known magazines.”

Well, once again Araújo shown that she is Brazil’s “it” black girl, being featured on the cover of this month’s Marie Claire magazine and now in this photo spread in another magazine. To celebrate Araújo’s return to TV after the actress took a break to take care of her first child with her husband, actor Lázaro Ramos, photographer and make up artist Fernando Torquatto featured her in a new photographic spread. Araújo’s latest role is that of a maid in the novela “Cheias de Charme” that comes on 7pm on Brazil’s top TV network, Globo.



“She is always a diva on television. Even after becoming a mother, she is an icon of beauty, says photographer Fernando Torquatto. “She’s in good shape, starting a new job that is already a success. Differently from her character, I portrayed her here in a futuristic and modern form.”

The photos are featured in this month’s issue of Quem magazine.

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