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“People think that, because I’m a funk singer, I can’t seek something for my life”: Young funkster wants to study Medicine

MC Thaysa during a show

MC Thaysa during a show

Note from BW of Brazil: We’ve all heard the cliche phrase, “I’m only doing this temporarily to get through college”. It’s a phrase that’s usually uttered by a person who’s doing something they’re not proud to be doing but are willing to do it only long enough to improve their lives or get to the next level of life. Of course, some people really mean and manage to move on, but many others, for any number of reasons, end up stuck in the life they meant to occupy only temporarily. We’re hoping the former is the case for this young lady. 

Last year, we brought you the story of the Rio-based funk group Bonde das Maravilhas that scored a huge hit with their song “Aquecimento das Maravilhas”. The style known is funk has long been critically panned by many sectors of Brazilian society even though it has recently crossed over, been “blingified” and some would argue, even appropriated. Along with other critiques of the style, the girls of Bonde had to also deal with the fact that they are all so young. In the Brazilian imagery, young black girls are destined to be poor, ignorant baby factories who will never improve their situation in life and thus when Bonde came along, the criticism was harsh.

Today’s story could show the other side of the story. One of the girls from this group has made it known that she intends to go to college and study Medicine. Best wishes to her! As most Brazilians know, Medicine is one of the most difficult areas to gain acceptance in college programs. Still today, the field is overwhelmingly white

Bonde das Maravilhas singer now studying for the vestibular in Medicine

Alexandre Araújo – Expresso

The routine of shows of the funk group Bonde das Maravilhas will change next year. And it has nothing to do with the world of music, quite to the contrary. MC Thaysa, the lead singer of the group, will enter high school and wants to take the vestibular (college entrance) for Medicine, taking another step to realizing her dream of being a pediatrician.

For the next three years her full focus will be on her on studies, she talked to the manager and the other members for the changes to happen in their agenda. A show during the week, for example, will only happen on the nights before holidays or national holidays. Thaysa ensures that the decision was supported by all.

MC Thaysa wants to be a pediatrician

MC Thaysa wants to be a pediatrician

“Currently, I study with my notebook. I take the material during travels on the tour, and when I come back, I ask questions and take the tests. It was all discussed with the directors,” said the 16-year old, who lives in São Gonçalo, and attends a private school in Niterói (Rio de Janeiro state)

Thaysa also hopes to finish with an existing prejudice in society:

“I chose Medicine because, before Bonde, I had no health insurance and saw that they wouldn’t do complete treatment. And love children. I want to unite the two. Many ask if I’m sure. People think that, because I’m a funkeira (funk singer), I can’t seek something for my life,” lamented Thaysa, who is currently single.

Source: Extra

4 comments on ““People think that, because I’m a funk singer, I can’t seek something for my life”: Young funkster wants to study Medicine

  1. SoMoro_Ali
    December 30, 2014

    Study medicine??? Why on earth would any Indigenous Man or Woman want to go into a field that thrives on keeping people sick???

    Please read. Medical Apartheid: The Dark History of Medical Experimentation on Black Americans from Colonial Times to the Present by Harriet Washington.

    Indigenous Men and Women bettering themselves is a always a good thing BUT to presume that higher levels of indoctrination gained from any White Supremacist institution is a way of progress is deadly mistake.

  2. time4aresolution
    January 3, 2015

    Reblogged this on time4aresolution.

  3. I love Oakland
    January 3, 2015

    Hello MC Thaysa,

    You represent the very same traits as our organization, and we would love to send you a gift (click on link below)
    just send your size and mailing address to

    Keep striving in 2015!

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