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Homeless man is savagely beaten in São José, Brazil; aggressor posts video on You Tube


Note from BW of Brazil: Brutal. Repugnant. Simply savage! Curious to know what words come to your mind after seeing these photos and video. The video and photos featured in today’s story circulated through various social network profiles a few days ago and was picked up by a major media outlet. The content of this video once again brings into question idea of the Brazilian “cordial man”. It is simply an example of low state of humanity among segments of the population. What’s worse is that, after the recording of his beating this man nearly to death, the perpetrator saw fit to post the video on You Tube! Several questions come to mind after watching this 41 second clip. 


The attacker starts the video pointing at the victim and saying “this one is a stealing vagabond”

One, is the aggressor so sure that nothing will happen to him that he can actually call the police and post this savagery online?  Two, what was the reason for this? I ask this question because, in Brazil, when these types of assaults happen, whether by police or by civilians, the first thing the news will report is whether or not the victim had a police record. The other questions are simply to know if people believe there is justification for such an act. For example, three, if this man had police record for stealing, but not from the man who beat him, would this beating be justified?


The attacker strikes the victim’s head with a piece of wood as he tries to protect himself

Four, if he in fact had stolen something from the man who beat him (he’s homeless after all), let’s say he stole a piece of bread, would such a beating then be justified? I ask these questions because we still don’t know the reason that this assault happened and I wonder if people believe there is any justification for such an act. 


After hitting him with a piece of wood, the attacker throws the victim on the ground and begins kicking him several times

This video is far more shocking than a past incident we posted on a white supremacist attacking a black homeless man and posting the photos online. It also re-visits vigilante lynchings that have been been so common in Brazil over the past few years. It also once again brings into focus the issue of race and human value accorded to people according to race. Of course, in typical Brazilian fashion, no one will want to address the issue of race in this display of savagery, as it “shouldn’t matter what race the aggressor or victim are”. But this sort of thinking would be absurd because we’ve also seen the differences in treatment that the homeless and/or drug users (see here and here) or simply lost children get when the skin is white or black. We also cannot dismiss the fact that it happened in the southern state of Santa Catarina, one the country’s whitest states where some aren’t ashamed of their racist sentiments. We will wait for more details to come out on this case but regardless of the reasoning, this sort of treatment of another human is just sickening. 


The attacker steps on the head of the victim several times as he screams, “He’s going to kill me”

Homeless man is beaten São José (Santa Catarina) and aggressor posts it on YouTube

By Camila Rodrigues da Silva

A homeless man was beaten by an unidentified man in the Nossa Senhora do Rosário neighborhood of São José, Santa Catarina, 14 km from the capital city of Florianópolis. The violence, which lasted about a minute, was filmed by an accomplice and published on YouTube on Monday (07).


After the kicks and steps, the attacker punches the victim’s back and throws his head against the ground

Armed with a piece of wood, the perpetrator alternates between blows and kicks to the head repeatedly until the beggar passes out. All the action was filmed without hiding the identity of the offender and with the approval of the cameraman, who says at the end of video. “Finished. Now let’s call the police.”


At the end of the video, with the victim already unconscious, the attacker kicks him again. Moments before, a voice who probably filmed the scene, says; “Finished, now let’s call the police”

The police report on the case was registered at the 3rd police precinct, on Wednesday (10), at the regional delegate of São José, Fabiano Rocha, based on the video.

The case was referred to the Criminal Investigation Division of São José and is being investigated by the police chief Manoel Galeno. He said the truck that appears in the image has already been identified and the owner of the vehicle will be called for investigation. Galeno also said the victim, whose name was not released, survived the attack and is hospitalized at the Hospital Regional de São José.

Source: UOL

6 comments on “Homeless man is savagely beaten in São José, Brazil; aggressor posts video on You Tube

  1. Mike
    December 14, 2015

    I really wish more people knew about this racist side of Brazil.
    The slogan on the Brazilian flag says Order and Progress,
    but what progress?

    Brazil hasn’t made any RACIAL progress since they slavery started over
    400 years ago. The Brazilian Govt needs to stop with their lies and
    the facade that Brazil is a racial democracy.

  2. PTR
    December 14, 2015

    This type of savagery has always been the norm in Brazil. The only difference is that now we have social media and was used to be just confined to the “neighborhood news”, is now part of the mainstream media.

    I remember when I was a kid I saw a 13 year old boy shot to death (well, I just saw his body) and the reason apparently was that he was stealing frequently from the bakery next to us. The boys’ death was not in the news as far as I can remember. In Brazil, it’s still 1887 despite the image efforts the country makes,

  3. Rosaliene Bacchus
    December 14, 2015

    Hate trumps love.

  4. PTR
    December 14, 2015

    Forgot to mention. As crazy as it sounds for the rest of the world, in Brazil, such an incident is not race related at all. In the US, it could cause a major race war, but in Brazil, just the norm.

  5. Osbyson
    December 15, 2015

    This is highly sickening, barbaric, & disgraceful to see happening in the Year-2015.
    More so, in a country purported to be a Topmost Emerging Global Market, a global phenom — the next “best thing” to happen in the 21st Century.

    How does a country like Brazil get to host topmost world events, as The 2014 World Cup and The 2016 Olympics, yet remain grossly uncivilized to humanity?????????

    In the US or, ideally, a civilized country, this culprit would be charged for Battering, Assaults, Attempted First Degree Murder, etc, with the possibility of Life-Imprisonment. OH, BRAZIL, WHAT A SHAME!!! WHAT A PITY!!!!

  6. Jan
    March 4, 2016

    Would love to know who the victom is, and somehow people help him get back on his feet. No one deserves such cruelty

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