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Faces of Afro Brazil 37


Wow, it’s been a while since we’ve updated our photo series Faces of Afro Brazil. December 20th of last year was the last time a new photo was presented for the series, number 36. Well, the series continues today with number 37 in the series featuring  Nátaly Neri, a “social scientist in the making and black feminist” who has gained quite a following in her various social media profiles.


You can find her on You Tube as well as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram among others discussing an array of topics, many of which are regular topics on this blog (colorism, cultural appropriation, black identity and feminism), which is why she is a perfect choice to be featured here.


Nátaly in a video speaking on the issue of colorism

Nátaly is yet another black Brazilian who has been able to use the internet and specifically social media outlets to address issues and bring visibility to a black community that remains for the most part under-represented, stereotyped and ignored in Brazil’s mainstream media (see a few others here, here, here and here). If you understand Portuguese be sure to check out her You Tube page here. If not, oh well, you can still check out some of the photos in today’s post as well as others over on our Tumblr page.


Video discussing cultural appropriation


Video: “Empowerment, feminists of makeup, black women with straightened hair”


Discussion on “Self-esteem, identity and black feminism”

Vídeo sobre penteados para box braids inspirado nas maiores divas negras dos anos 90

Video about hairstyles with box braids inspired by black divas of the 1990s

15 box

One comment on “Faces of Afro Brazil 37

  1. Malcolm X
    April 9, 2016

    Black women are so beautiful!

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