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The force and sensuality of model Indira Carvalho exalts her native land of Bahia


Note from BW of Brazil: Model Indira Carvalho has been on the scene for more than a decade. Since the soteropolitano (native of Salvador, Bahia) arrived in São Paulo, she’s seen her career take off and she believes that the market for black models is improving in Brazil. Well, we’ve seen how Brazil’s fashion industry is toward black models and African themes (see here and here)so we can only hope for the best! For now, we’re happy to share our space with Indira!

Ah, Bahia: The force and sensuality of Indira exalts her native land

Courtesy of VIP

Indira Carvalho is the type of woman that knows what she wants and goes after her goals. At 1.80 meters (5’11”) and 30 years of age, the model from Salvador exudes confidence and isn’t afraid of dreaming big: one day, she plans to be one of the angels of Victoria’s Secret. “I don’t care what others say,” says our gata (hottie), with pride. Besides this pride she hasn’t taken in her entire life family, her home land and her pele negra (black skin).


Who are your inspirations in life and in your career?

I like Naomi Campbell a lot. She’s an incredible woman, even with her craziness. When she appears on the runway, there’s no one there anymore. In my personal life, I’m inspired by my mother. A warrior woman, fighter and that goes after her goals in spite of the difficulties.


And do you see yourself in these women that inspire you?

Yes, by my persistence, my tenacity and the force of my will. I go after what I want without ever giving up.


What does Bahia mean to you?

Today, it’s worth saying that I am a mixture. I am a “soteropaulista” (1) that loves São Paulo and likes Salvador very much. But whenever I go back to my home, I feel as if it were the first time. The energy of the place, the people…For me, remembering my origins is always very important.


What does a man need to do to call your attention?

Look, most of the time, I approach the men. If I’m interested, I’ll talk to him. But the man has to be himself, a joker, know how to play.

Source: VIP (#370)


  1. Meaning she is a mixture of soteropolitano, native of Salvador, Bahia and paulista, native of São Paulo.

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