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Faces of Afro Brazil 44


In the latest installment of the series “Faces of Afro-Brazil” we bring you the energetic baiana, Ana Paula, who is #44 in the series. Get to know a little about her in the brief bio below!


Ana Paula Lopes, known among her friends as Paulinha, was born on October 27, 1976 in the city of Salvador, Bahia.


Ana Paula attended ENA Belém de Maria PE boarding school and IAENE Cachoeira, Bahia. She always liked all kinds of sports and physical education.


With the influence of her parents she decided to take a course in Nursing assistance. She graduated from Unime College of Itabuna, Bahia  after completing a Nursing course.


At 40 years of age and single with no children, she lives in Ilhéus Bahia, likes bodybuilding, dancing, the beach, travel and follows a healthy vegetarian lifestyle.


Nowadays Ana Paula helps people to lead a healthy lifestyle in sports and with natural foods.


As you can see, Ana is quite dedicated to her workout routine! Need more proof? Check out a few more photos below!







2 comments on “Faces of Afro Brazil 44

  1. Charles
    December 6, 2016

    This is excellent and the type of work you should focus on. We should concentrate on building our people up instead of wondering what white people think

  2. David
    December 11, 2016

    Beautiful woman…. Black is so beautiful.
    Charles is right, more uplifting stories are necessary

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