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Faces of Afro Brazil 45


Note from BW of Brazil: Number 45 in our Faces of Afro Brazil series, we bring you a university professor who is originally from Rio de Janeiro but today teaches in Goiás, a state located in Brazil’s central region. Meet Professor Ina de Souza Nogueira! Below is brief message from Ina detailing a little about herself. 


I consider myself an ordinary person with a life trajectory built with a lot of struggle, dignity and support from my family. I was born in Rio de Janeiro in the district of Rocha on November 14, 1959, but a good portion of my life was spent between the neighborhoods of Todos os Santos and Engenho de Dentro.


I studied Biology at Universidade Santa Ursula, have a Master’s degree at the National Museum of UFRJ and a Doctorate from USP of São Paulo in the area of Biological Sciences. I came to the state of Goiás in 1993 where I am still today as a professor at the Federal University of Goiás.

ina-piren-rostoThere is a more professional detailed look for in the Curriculum Lattes Platform.

Associate Professor Ina de Souza Nogueira

Universidade Federal de Goiás

ICB.1 – Depto. de Botânica – Sala 201

PPG Plant Biodiversity and PPG Environmental Sciences

Laboratory of Analysis and Environmental Management of Water Resource

Campus II – Goiânia – GO – CEP: 74001-970

Tel.: (62) 3521-1218 (sala) – 3521-1499 (Lamarh)– fax: (62) 3521-1190

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