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Even Al Jazeera wants to know: Why is Brazilian television so white?


Note from BW of Brazil: I happened to see this video after checking out a few conversations people were having on the BW of Brazil Twitter page. The Al Jazeera channel has done quite a few stories over the years about Brazilian realities, including some great pieces on the race issue. They haven’t covered anything that hasn’t been pointed out over the past five years here, but it’s great that well-respected media outlet is shining an international spotlight on these issues.

There’s not much more that like I’d add to the content of the above video because, well, everything they pointed out in the video has been covered in the BW of Brazil archives. With that said, below, I’ll point you to some links in case you’d like a little more background on some of the points brought to the fore in video. 


Faces on Brazilian television have one thing in common: they’re white

Brazil kills a black youth every 23 minutes

The whiteness of Brazilian television

Whitening of black images

The Globeleza girl, Nayara Justino

Brazil, the last Western country to abolish slavery

The process of embranquecimento, or whitening

Genocide of black youth

Brazilian novelas

Brazil’s top TV network continues fear mongering of black population

The role of blacks on Brazilian television

The voice of black Brazilians on the internet

Racism in Brazilian society

The whiteness of advertisements and commercials

The Globeleza and the lighter-skinned model

Journalist Luciana Barreto

Activist/academic Djamila Ribeiro


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