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God is a woman and black! Veteran actress Zezé Motta plays God in the recently released film ‘A Comédia Divina’


Note from BW of Brazil: It’s always an idea that would test the limits of the way people see the world and the afterworld. How would people react if they came to realize that the very race of people whom they treat so badly, make fun of their hair, make jokes about and generally see as inferior is what their almighty supreme being looks like? Brazilians could get an idea what this might feel like if they watch a recently released film. Another film considered the idea last year so the concept isn’t/shouldn’t be shocking. “I saw God and she was black!” Has a nice ring to it. I have no interest in seeing this film but its still a great way to challenge the way people conceive the concept of race and place


Veteran actress Zezé Motta plays God in the film ‘A Comédia Divina’

Zezé Motta is “God” in a film

Tribute to the 2017 Troféu Raça Negra does not stop!

Courtesy of

She is 73, but to consider the appearance and the hectic life that leads anyone would be able to imagine. The tireless Zezé Motta, who sings, plays, participates in movements as an activist in social causes and is the great honoree of the Troféu Raça Negra 2017 … Phew! She’s on a poster of the film A Comédia Divina (The Divine Comedy), where she interprets God.


Headline from Gente Boa blog: “God is a woman and black”

The one who broke barriers giving life to the unforgettable Xica da Silva, a black protagonist in times when something of the genre was unimaginable, once again breaks taboos and as a woman and black, God lives in this Brazilian comedy.

In the plot, Zezé faces the nonconformist Devil (Murilo Rosa) who in an attempt to rescue “faithful” founds a church! A movie for those who want to laugh and have fun!

A comédia divina : Scene shows Zezé Motta as God and Murilo Rosa as the Devil

Homage at the Troféu Raça Negra


The Troféu Raça Negra 2017 award ceremony will honor Motta

In all the interviews, when being asked about being the homage of the Troféu Raça Negra, Zeze is excited. “The expectation with the honor is high, but only at the moment will I know how I will react. Surely my legs will shake,” the actress told Afro-Brazilians.


Motta poses for the release of Troféu Raça Negra 2017

At the launch of the event, held in São Paulo in September, the singer sang in thanks to the direction of the event that will honor her. See here the Zumbi TV coverage of the 2017 Troféu Raça Negra in São Paulo.


3 comments on “God is a woman and black! Veteran actress Zezé Motta plays God in the recently released film ‘A Comédia Divina’

  1. Charles Merriweather
    October 31, 2017

    Good article again!!

  2. anisioluiz2008
    November 1, 2017

    Reblogged this on O LADO ESCURO DA LUA.

  3. Brazil hates Black women
    November 5, 2017

    ZeZe Motta is a Brazilian national treasure!

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