Actress Taís Araújo invited to LA home of Oscar winner Viola Davis; photo of the two actresses goes viral!

Viola Davis posts photo with Taís Araújo and calls her 'sister' (Photo: Instagram/ Reproduction)

Viola - Taís (photo)

Note from BW of Brazil: I always dig these types of exchanges. Black Americans and black Brazilians getting together, getting to know each other, admiring each other, building bridges! I didn’t get a chance to post this yesterday as I intended but ain’t no thang. It’s just a quickie that came out of my Thursday post sharing the news that one of Brazil’s top black actresses, the beautiful, talented Taís Araújo, had been invited to Los Angeles to participate in a lifetime achievement award honoring the great Denzel Washington. Taís, along with so many other talented Afro-Brazilians, is someone that I hope more black people in the Diasora get to know more about. I’ve been talking about Araújo for years and I will never forget the first time I had ever seen her.

In 2000, a few months after I began my journey into “all things Brazil”, an e-acquaintance from New York had recently visited Brazil for the first time and upon returning to the US, she contacted me and sent pix of her trip. She also mentioned having bought copies of the only magazine she could find targeted at Afro-Brazilians, Raça Brasil. Knowing that I would be interested, she sent four copies of the magazine to me through the mail. One of them featured a cover with Taís and actress Isabell Fillardis.

That cover, as well as a few films, numerous articles, books and albums pushed me to get my passport and VISA to make my first trip to Brazil. Hard to believe that Taís is already 40! When I saw her for the first time she was only 21! Anyway, needless to say her star has only gotten brighter over the years and with a growing interest in the African Diaspora, it’s only a matter of time before more black folks around the world get to know this sista.

I’m sure folks in Mozambique are probably familiar with her as Globo has audience there through its international network. I’m sure that at least a few folks have learned about her on my little blog and if not, certainly a number of African-Americans became familiar with her through an Essence article written by my friend, colleague and fellow black Brazil enthusiast, journalist Kiratiana Freelon

I’m sure during her trip to LA, Taís must have met dozens of great African-American entertainers, but one who seems to have made the biggest impression on her had to be the splendid actress Viola Davis, who took the time to invite her Afro-Brazilian ‘sister’ to her digs in Los Angeles. Wish I could have been a fly on the wall during that meeting! It’s funny, I first mentioned Viola on this blog back in February of 2012 when I discussed how her role in the film The Help spoke volumes about racial stereotypes in Brazil. I didn’t realize it, but Viola’s name has appeared on this blog more times that I actually remember. So kind of her to extend a hand to Taís while she was in LALA land!

More than 320,000 of Taís’s fans liked the photo of the two, along with more than half a million of Viola’s fans, so I had to share with my followers as well! 

Viola - Taís (photo)
Viola Davis posts photo with Taís Araújo and calls her ‘sister’ (Photo: Instagram/ Reproduction)

Viola Davis posts photo with Taís Araújo and calls her ‘sister’

The actress of “How to Get Away With Murder” and Oscar winner received the Brazilian in her home

Courtesy of O Tempo

American actress Viola Davis, 53, of How to Get Away With Murder and Oscar winner for Best Actress for Fences now has something in common with actress Tais Araújo, 40. The two shared the same photo together in their Instagram profiles.

Viola - Taís
The two actresses shared the photo of their meeting on their Instagram profiles

According to Viola, they have much more in common and called Taís “my Brazilian sister,” praising her work. “I love your authenticity and your talent!”

The Brazilian celebrated the meeting: “Yes. It was wonderful! Maybe one of the most incredible moments of my life. To have this time with you guys and talk about life as a mom, actress, producer, simply meant the world to me!

Taís met the American and her husband, the actor Julius Tennon, 65. In Los Angeles, she was one of the guests at the AFI Life Achievement Awards, which honors personalities for their contributions to the American film industry.

The night’s honoree was Denzel Washington, and one of the presenters was Beyoncé. Taís Araújo recorded each moment with the subtitles: “Morri, Brazil”. After all, it is not every day that you cross international stars.

Source: O Tempo

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