After her being “too black” led to her dismissal as Carnaval’s poster girl, Nayara Justino will be the topic of British documentary and star in a soap opera

Vítima de racismo nas redes sociais, Nayara Justino ganha documentário internacional

Note from BW of Brazil: The name Nayara Justino may ring a bell for some of you who consistently follow this blog. She was the young lady who won a reality show-type competition to become the new Globeleza, Globo TV’s poster girl for ushering in the Carnaval season. Her reign was short-lived though as her debut on television was greeted with all sorts of racist comments that eventually led to the TV giant removing her from her post before she even occupied it for a year. After such public humiliation, Nayara fell into depression. But it’s great to see that the girl pick herself up and started to shine again! Soon she would participate in the parade of a Samba School, be featured in a photo spread with a famous Angolan singer as well as model clothing in the yearly celebration of black consciousness

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Nayara’s star will apparently continue to rise! After the scandal that led to her downfall at Globo TV, the British newspaper The Guardian will feature the model/dancer in an upcoming documentary. The beauty will also star in an upcoming novela (soap opera) produced by Globo TV’s competitor, Record TV. Good for her! But just one thing…Why was she chosen to star in a novela based in the slavery era? In a previous post, we discussed the Brazilian media’s apparent obsession with basing movies and novelas in the slavery era. What’s the message here? Is a role in a slavery-era novela the only one suitable for a dark-skinned woman? 

A victim of racism on social networks, Nayara Justino will be the topic of an international documentary

by Leandro Isola

Today, the Record TV actress, the young woman will have her story of overcoming racism told by the British newspaper The Guardian

As Maria Júlia Coutinho, a reporter for Globo TV’s Jornal Nacional, Nayara Justino, the former Globeleza girl, was also a victim of racism in social networks. But unlike the weather girl, the actress didn’t have the support and defense of the Globo network. Nayara will have her story of overcoming racism told in an international documentary, produced by the British newspaper The Guardian. She won a contest by popular vote promoted by the TV journal Fantástico and was crowned Globeleza for the 2014 Carnival.

In a few months, it was reported that the beautiful black woman would lose her post as Globo’s symbol of Carnival in 2015 and that the station was already seeking a replacement. Racist attacks started at that time. All this made her fall into depression.

Nayara Justino participating in the União do Parque Curicica Samba School in February
Nayara Justino participating in the União do Parque Curicica Samba School in February

In social networks, Nayara, was called “feia” (ugly) and “preta demais” (too black) by some people. The model and actress was very shaken up by the attacks, but didn’t go after those responsible.

After facing a strong bout of depression, the beauty overcame and shined in the Carnival 2015 parade in three escolas de samba (schools of samba). She also received an invitation to participate in the Escrava Mãe (Slave Mother) novela, which is already being recorded. She will play Luena, the mother of the main character.

Nayara Justino participating in the União do Parque Curicica Samba School in February
Nayara Justino participating in the União do Parque Curicica Samba School in February

The team from The Guardian decided to tell the story of Nayara in a special documentary about racism. They followed the routine of the actress, and were at Record TV recording the characterization of the actress in the novela. Nayara’s hair received a good dose of clay to fix her hairstyle.

Source: Mundo Conectado

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  1. I am SO happy to see that this woman was able to find herself in the African community and continue on to bigger and brighter things! And I cannot wait to see the envy on the faces of all the “not-quite-white” nonentities in Brazil when they find out that people in other places find this woman beautiful and interesting enough to do a documentary on her. By that time, if they choose to insult her, she will not care because she will be laughing all the way to the bank! You GO girl!

  2. I am so Happy for this beautiful young lady. Much Success and god will be with you always keep the Faith. I wish to find out if this woman is single and Available. Won’t mind marry to a beautiful African Queen like her. Keep your head up. I resided in Texas United State, Originally from West Africa.

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