Black woman with degree in fashion seeks job vacancies and denounces prejudice of public servant in Joinville: ‘We don’t have anything for cleaning services’

Jobs - Joinville
Black woman consults job vacancies and denounces prejudice of public servant of Joinville- 'has nothing for cleaning'
Jobs – Joinville

Note from BW of Brazil: What’s the moral of today’s story? It’s very simple. In Brazil, regardless of what educational background a black woman has she will always be seen “the help”. It’s an established stereotype. The question here would be, when white women are presented in various social situations, no one is going to automatically assume that she is a maid or cleaning lady (that is if she is wearing normal clothes), but this is often the case for black women, so how can people continue to believe that “we are all equal“?

Black woman consults job vacancies and denounces prejudice of public servant of Joinville: ‘has nothing for cleaning’

Courtesy of Portal Aconteceu

A 47-year-old woman reported having suffered gender and racial prejudice at the Centro Público de Atención al Trabalhador (Cepat), in Joinville, Santa Catarina. The police report was registered on Friday (6) at the Police Station for Protection of Children, Women and the Elderly (Dpcami) of Joinville, but the case occurred on September 27.

In a statement, the city of Joinville announced that “it does not tolerate racist acts and that the case will be investigated by the municipality.”

Renata da Luz says that while she was looking, out of curiosity, at a list of opportunities at a Cepat service counter, a local employee told her, even without being asked: “there is nothing for cleaning”, “there is no nothing for the kitchen” and “also there’s nothing for seamstress.”

Following this, she informed the employee that she has a degree and training in Design de Moda e Vestuário (Fashion Design and Clothing). After feeling offended, she informed one of her professors of a Cepat course, which she attends as a student.

She still sought the Cepat courses sector and the coordinator apologized on behalf of the organ, as reported in the boletim de ocorrência (police report). According to her, Cepat informed that it would take “measures”.

“My client came to tears. After 47 years surviving racism, she got tired,” said lawyer Júlia Eleutério, who is defending the victim with attorney Ana Paula Nunes Chaves.

Campaign against racism

In a statement, the municipal government informed that the case was referred to the Coordination of Policies for Youth, Human Rights and Promotion of Racial Equality of the City of Joinville and to the Municipal Council for the Promotion of Racial Equality (Compir), so that they have knowledge and take the necessary measures.

Also in note, it was communicated that the coordinator for the Promotion of Racial Equality, Paulo Júnior, says that the Coordination and Council are planning a campaign to combat racism this October to avoid this type of occurrence.

Source: Portal Aconteceu

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  1. By “fighting racism” you just make it stronger by driving it underground. Black people need to build their own infrastructure – unfortunately, black Brazilians are so far gone that this is impossible.

  2. Great article.. But I would add that we need to start are own business. There should be no need to depend on someone who shows prejudice, since black brazil is over 50% of population I expect to see far more start ups from blacks in the near future. There’s way too much money (reais) from the majority circulating around into the wrong hands. Let’s get it together.

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