Beyond the stereotype: In the 50th year of the Brasília Film Festival movie award ceremony, two of this year’s winners are Afro-Brazilian actors

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Note from BW of Brazil: It’s a shame that the vast majority of Brazilians won’t even see some of the nation’s own film productions, but that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate the victories. Brazil’s film market continues to be dominated by the blockbuster, big-budget films coming out of Hollywood, but to tell the truth, I grew weary of the guns, explosions and sex formula that America’s film industry continues to flood the market with a long time ago. 

Valdinéia Soriano was awarded as Best Actress and Alexandre Sena Best Supporting Actor

And as the anticipation for the latest installment of the Star Wars brand continues to build, I’ll be trying to figure out how I can see the two films featured in today’s post because they most certainly aren’t being shown in theaters. Anyway, congrats to award winners Valdinéia Soriano and Alexandre Sena! A small victory but an important step in going beyond the typical stereotypical roles given to black Brazilian actors in film and television.

Brasília Film Festival: two of the winners in this edition are black actors

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Valdinéia Soriano, left, in ‘Café com Canela’

Valdinéia Soriano, an actress of the Olodum Theater Band since its foundation in the 90’s, was awarded last Sunday (24th) at the 50th Brasília Film Festival in the category of best actress.

Alexandre Souza e Clébia Souza em O Nó do Diabo
Alexandre Sena, at left, in the feature film ‘O Nó do Diabo’

She was the protagonist in the Bahian movie Café com Canela (coffee with cinnamon), which also won in the categories Best Screenplay with Ary Rosa and the Petrobras Film Prize by the popular jury, directed by Glenda Nicácio and Ary Rosa again.

50th Festival de Cinema de Brasília

Alexandre Sena, who comes from the theater group Espanca, starred in the feature film O Nó do Diabo (The Node of the Devil) directed by Ramon Porto Mota, Gabriel Martins, Ian Abé and Jhésus Tribuzi and was the winner in the category Best Supporting Actor.

O Nó do Diabo
Film ‘O Nó do Diabo’

The film, which works the black protagonism, is divided into five narratives beginning in 2018 and returning to 1818 also highlights the suffering of blacks both in the present with marks of the past and in the past with the violations of slavery. One of the cast members is the actress honored at this year’s Trofeu Raça Negra awards, Zezé Motta.


In social networks, the congratulations of colleagues by profession were recurrent. The actor Sidney Santiago published proudly about the achievement of the two black actors at the festival:

Actor Sidney Santiago celebrates the victories of the two actors in a social network post

“It is with great happiness that we announce that the two best actors of the Brasilia Film Festival, the best Festival of the country are black: Valdinéia Soriano, best actress for her interpretation in Café com Canela and Alexandre de Sena, for her performance in film O Nó do Diabo, besides being good actors, both have a recognized performance in the Brazilian Theater, especially within the investigation of black poetics. Valdinéia is representative of the Bando de Teatro Olodum, and Alexander is a member of the Minas Gerais Espanca Group. Both are part of the Fórum da Performance Negra (Black Performance Forum). We are happy for them.


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