Carnaval 2013 photo gallery 4

Just a few more of the beauties from Carnaval of 2013.

Thank you for visiting the site where black Brazilian women will always have a place!

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 Uruguaiana, Rio Grande do Sul
 São Paulo, São Paulo
Afro Brazilian women
 Salvador, Bahia
 Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro
 São Paulo, São Paulo
Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro
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  1. gatasnegras, its hard to post a comment on each wonderful thread you have brought here in the last weeks of carnival, so, i just want to say on this thread, thank you for all the wonderful exposure you have given these incredible women of color in brazil who are passistas and beauties of their communities.this is the only time that black brazilian beauty is featured at all and on brazil tv, it is still very weakplease keep up the great work

  2. its over now, carnival, and, this was one of the weakest years i have ever seen as far as carnival coverage and especialy black brazilian women…except for the celebrities…its very perplexing and strange , that with all the new suposedly social awareness of racism in brazl, with its passing of quotas, and ,public service anouncements on tv about racism, that black culture and black beauty in brazil, shown doing their culture , is actualy being diminished…it is becoming harder and harder to find black culture in brazil with any depth and that shows black woman performing their culturethe truth is,this new political awareness of racism, is only focusing on certain aspects and leaving some of the most important things out of the picture. you really have to make an effort to seek it out and dig for buried treasure to find the rich afro brazilian culture that is one of brazil's gifts to the world…this should be on tv on a regular basis…we should be able to see black brazilian culture , down here in brazil, on the media on a regular basis

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