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Beyond the stereotype: In the 50th year of the Brasília Film Festival movie award ceremony, two of this year’s winners are Afro-Brazilian actors

Note from BW of Brazil: It’s a shame that the vast majority of Brazilians won’t even see some of the nation’s own film productions, but that doesn’t mean we can’t … Continue reading

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Actors Elisa Lucinda, Lázaro Ramos, Taís Araújo and Camila Pitanga form group to discuss series with only black actors

Note from BW of Brazil: Ya know, I think this type of initiative is a great idea. In a past article, I commented on how TV series with predominantly black … Continue reading

March 31, 2017 · 2 Comments

1970 classic American film ‘Love Story’ staged in Brazil as a musical with an all black cast

Note from BW of Brazil: I would really LOVE to see this play! As we’ve seen in numerous previous posts, theater is an area where it seems that black actors … Continue reading

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Melanina Acentuada spectacular brings together works of black Brazilian playwrights

Note from BW of Brazil: With so many independent black theater and film productions being released on You Tube one could say that black Brazilian entertainment is slowly carving out its … Continue reading

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The ‘Mountaintop’ and the affirmation of black humanity and consciousness: Play about MLK encapsulates important period in Afro-Brazilian History

  Note from BW of Brazil: We first covered the play featuring actor Lázaro Ramos and his wife actress Taís Araújo, a fictional account of Martin Luther King’s last day on … Continue reading

December 15, 2015 · 1 Comment

Musical spectacular “Aini-Ará” puts in focus black space and Afro-Brazilian culture in society. Piece also touches on racism, genocide and the role of black women in Brazil

Note from BW of Brazil: Well needless to say, this “Black November”, better known as the Month of Black Consciousness, has been a memorable one here on the blog! Simply … Continue reading

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Actor/model Taiguara Nazareth finds other ways to get his hustle on: "It’s hard being a black actor"

Taiguara Nazareth, 35, the actor who starred in the 2001 miniseries Presença de Anita spoke with the column “Retratos da Vida”, from the newspaper Extra and talked about his career and the difficulties faced … Continue reading

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