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Black actresses tackle the issues of prejudice, natural black hair and self-affirmation in the play “Combs”

Note from BW of Brazil: Well once again we see an example of the old adage, “if you want something done, you have to do it yourself”. Over the past … Continue reading

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After video receives one million views, model who suffered racism on a bus in the Federal District listens to stories of other victims

Note from BW of Brazil: Another day, another example of the ‘racial democracy’….Not! In the story below we learn about the experience of a model whose released a video about … Continue reading

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Rapper Karol Conka sounds off on boy band’s controversial statement about black hair: “I spent my whole life being called names”

Note from BW of Brazil: Strong reactions came from every direction after the member of a boy band made a statement about what many interpreted as an insult to black … Continue reading

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For black women, just taking to streets is already a form of resistance: Black females talk about ‘cabelo crespo’, kinky/curly hair

Note from BW of Brazil: Walk around any number of Brazilian cities across the country and something is sure to strike you about the Afro-Brazilian population. Nowadays, black Brazilians can … Continue reading

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Specialists discuss the case of woman’s death after application of hair relaxer

Note from BW of Brazil: Many questions remain after a woman in the northeastern state of Bahia recently died about a week after applying a hair relaxing product to her … Continue reading

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Long-time actress Zezé Motta is competing for ‘Best Supporting Actress’ in Brazil’s most prestigious movie awards

Note from BW of Brazil: Actress/singer Zezé Motta has long represented for black Brazilian women on the big and small screen. A veteran actress with a career of nearly 50 … Continue reading

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“The World in the Afro of Tayó”: Book addresses the self-esteem of black children and the acceptance of black hair as beautiful

Note from BW of Brazil: In Brazil today and for many years, women of African ancestry have long had to endure disparaging comments about having cabelo crespo (meaning kinky/curly hair). … Continue reading

September 3, 2013 · 1 Comment