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Brazilian activist wins international award in the US

Silvana Veríssimo of the Nzinga Mbandi Institute, will receive award given by the organization Celine Cruz Black Latin Afro Diáspora Institute, headquartered in New York for her role in the … Continue reading

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Rita Monteiro: the first black VJ of MTV Brasil

by Luiz Paulo Lima  MTV Brasil was born in the 1990s as the third version of a channel aimed at young audiences to be launched in the world (first in the … Continue reading

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Zileide Silva: One of Brazil’s top black journalists

Zileide Silva is one of the most prominent black journalists on the Brazilian airwaves. Her success, along with that of Glória Maria, has paved the way for a new generation of Afro-Brazilian … Continue reading

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Joaquim Barbosa named first black man to lead Brazil’s Supreme Court

Barbosa’s rulings angered former President’s supporters The judge overseeing a major corruption trial in Brazil has been appointed president of the Supreme Court, the first black person to hold the … Continue reading

October 12, 2012 · 5 Comments

"Finally, Us": Black Brazilian women writers honored at International Seminar of Women and Literature in Brasília

In 1995, for the first time, the literary works of contemporary Afro-Brazilian women were compiled to present a comprehensive vision of what it means to be both black and female … Continue reading

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Brazil’s first and only black university graduates its first class of Law students

 Marilene de Mello is part of the first class of law graduates at Unipalmares  The student Marilene de Mello was chosen to take the vow of students in the graduation … Continue reading

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In 2009, Francisca Eugênia Justino Barbosa became the first black woman to be crowned Miss Ceará of this northeastern state

As Brazil is a multiracial society that founded on slavery and European colonization, European beauty standards have always dominated the ideals of its people and its media. As such, now … Continue reading

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