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Protest against controversial pastor who made racist, homophobic statements continue all over Brazil

In Bahia, the social/cultural organization Olodum protested against the controversial pastor   Protests against the controversial pastor Marco Feliciano continue throughout Brazil which began when it became a possibility of … Continue reading

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Fashion model/dancer Alexia Bairon

She stands 5’9” tall, with dark brown eyes and hair and is the owner of an unmistakable beauty. “A black goddess. They all want to photograph her when she comes to … Continue reading

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Actress Tichina Arnold meets her fans in Salvador, Bahia

As BW of Brazil reported a few days ago, American actress Tichina Arnold, probably most known for her roles on the TV series Martin and Everybody Hates Chris, recently arrived in Salvador, Bahia, affectionately known … Continue reading

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President of popular Afro-Brazilian social/cultural organization Olodum criticizes Bahia’s Carnaval for ignoring black artists while giving major press and sposorship to white artist Ivete Sangalo

   President of Olodum, João Jorge Rodrigues, criticizes dominance of white artists like Ivete Sangalo Speaking on an issue we have covered in past articles here at BW of Brazil, the … Continue reading

February 13, 2013 · 2 Comments

Actress Tichina Arnold, whose Rochelle character on “Everybody Hates Chris” is very popular in Brazil, comes to Salvador, Bahia to participate in Carnaval and meet her fans

On Tuesday, February 12th, the American actress Tichina Arnold was scheduled to arrive in Salvador, Bahia, to follow Carnaval celebrations. Arnold, that is most known in Brazil for her role of … Continue reading

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Spike Lee will spend Carnaval in Salvador, Bahia; director there filming more scenes for his documentary Go, Brazil, Go!

 President of the bloco afro Olodum, João Jorge (left) and director Spike Lee  Continuing our coverage on filmmaker Spike Lee’s upcoming documentary Go Brazil Go, our friends over at the Correio Nagô website contributed the material for this … Continue reading

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Cook loses part of her vision after being attacked at a show in the historic Pelourinho area of Salvador, Bahia in Brazil’s northeast

Cookloses part of her vision after being attacked at a show in the Pelourinho Caseoccurred during the show of a popular Carnaval musical/social group in Salvador, Bahia, on January 22nd. … Continue reading

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