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In the southern state of Paraná, a descendant of a quilombo, communities established by fugitives escaping slavery, becomes the first to earn a Ph.D

Note from BW of Brazil: The history of the quilombo is an important piece in the struggle of Afro-Brazilians. These independent communities were established by fugitives escaping the cruelty and … Continue reading

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Separated from her family at the age of 5 to work as a maid in perpetual slavery, Josefina Serra is now a lawyer in the nation’s capital

  Note from BW of Brazil: The following story of struggle in the life of an Afro-Brazilian woman is very common. It’s always great to see when people overcome what … Continue reading

May 9, 2014 · 4 Comments

Creator of project that houses pregnant, at-risk teens honored with award in capital city

Mãe Neide is the Creator of the project Casa das Janaínas, which houses pregnant teens in vulnerable social situations and family conflict On May 17th in the capital city of Brasília, Mãe Neide … Continue reading

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Império da Tijuca Samba School draws attention for its parade honoring black women

        Costumes, choreography and well-crafted cars thrilled in Sapucaí. Theme remembers the 125th anniversary of the abolition of slavery in the country. by G1     With … Continue reading

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Feminist Vanda Menezes and the echoes of black resistance: "My feminism is black"

Echoes of black resistance in Serra da Barriga, in Alagoas (northeastern Brazil), land of Zumbi of Palmares*, run through the veins of Vanda Menezes, black militant and feminist activist for 30 … Continue reading

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