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Psychologist and psychotherapist Maria Lúcia da Silva discusses the effects of racism and whiteness on mental health, identity and self-image of Afro-Brazilians

Psychologist and psychotherapist Maria Lúcia da Silva discusses the psychic conflicts that involve racism and discusses how prejudice is reflected in the lives of blacks in Brazil By Flavio Carrança The racism … Continue reading

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First black woman elected councilor in city of Guarapuava wants to work for the "the redemption of the dignity of black people"

Nerci Aparecida Guiné In her evaluation, her accomplishment is the result of 30 years of work dedicated to the Guarapuava community. Nerci Aparecida Guiné is the first black woman to be elected councilor in the … Continue reading

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Lucyana: What it means to be black – "many blacks grow up thinking that whites are synonymous with superiority"

Lucyana da Silva This commentary written by Lucyana da Silva from the city of Campos dos Goyatcazes in Rio de Janeiro state, is an example of why the Black Women … Continue reading

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Black beauty contest raises self-esteem of contestants in northwest Brazil: “I’ve heard that my color is ugly…Now I know that being black is much more than skin color", said one of the winners

Juliana, Paloma and Juliene, contest winners in 2011 The event is the only in the state to appreciate black culture. The 4th edition will be in December, the anniversary of … Continue reading

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