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Why do blacks have less access to health care than whites in Brazil?

Note from BW of Brazil: It’s no secret. The tentacles of racism reach so many areas of society that one would be completely out of touch with reality if they … Continue reading

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Health and the black woman: “Invisibility sickens and kills!”

Note from BW of Brazil: The health of black population is a theme that has been at the forefront of many demands of Afro-Brazilian organizations for a number of years. These … Continue reading

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“Don’t remain silent – Racism is bad for your health!”: Ministry of Health launches campaign against racism in public hospitals

Note from BW of Brazil: Racism and racial inequalities exist throughout Brazilian society, so why would the medical industry be any different? Last spring, Brazil became the first country to pay … Continue reading

December 23, 2014 · 2 Comments

Brazil becomes the first country to pay compensation as a result of a maternal death; lawsuit highlights discriminatory practices against black women in health care system

    Note from BW of Brazil: Health, discriminatory practices and unequal access to health care are very important topics that have been featured in a number of posts on … Continue reading

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Event pays homage to black women and discusses much needed public policies for this segment of the population

Note from BW of Brazil: The story of the black woman of Brazil remains an under appreciated chapter of Brazilian history. Continuously portrayed as either maids or dancing Carnaval mulatas, … Continue reading

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Racial inequality in Brazil: a look at how race/color affects women in terms of health care

Note from BW of Brazil: The questions of health and health care (along with income and education) are but two of the areas in which quality of life can be … Continue reading

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Brazil’s “More Doctors for Brazil” program aims to address the country’s physician shortage through the contracting of foreign doctors

Note from BW of Brazil: Along with education and income, health care is another area in which the quality of life of the citizens of a particular country can be … Continue reading

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