Estilo Afro online store reaching consumers in black community: site makes hard to find products available for Afro-entrepreneurs

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Note from BW of Brazil: There is no way to deny that there has been a rise in Afro-Brazilian entrepreneurs selling products that appeal specifically to the black population. At the same time, there is more and more discussion of the concept of “black money” in which black people are taking a more conscious attitude towards their spending habits, demanding more black representation in shops, products, advertising, etc. There’s no doubt, more black Brazilians are thinking about who their spend their reais with. Although black entrepreneurship has been around arguably since the late 19th century or earlier, in modern times, the rise of black-oriented expos such as Feira Preta have announced the arrival of the black consumer looking for items that represent his or her ethnic background and race as well as black vendors looking to fill that void. As such, with the rise of internet business, it is inevitable that these entrepreneurs would seek to widen their market appeal through online sales. In today’s day and age, they must reach internet buyers or risk going out of business. As Afro-Brazilian entrepreneurs also don’t have many physical stores in large urban environments, thus presenting difficulty in reaching their target market, internet sales is no-brainer. Below, I present to you yet another example of the Afro-Brazilian entrepreneurial spirit. 

E-commerce: tool is alternative income generation for Afro-entrepreneurs

Turban, t-shirts, shoes: Estilo Afro offers more than 20 brands to buy without leaving the house

Brazilian Electronic Commerce is constantly growing year by year, and by 2019 the estimate of the Associação Brasileira de Comércio (Brazilian Association of Commerce) is that it will reach a sales volume of R$ 79.9 billion.

To help the more than 51% of black Brazilian entrepreneurs benefit from all this e-commerce movement in Brazil, they have just won another significant tool, a Marketplace aimed at strengthening income generation for Afro-entrepreneurs. They are the developers of all those Afro-centric products such as turbans, necklaces, decorative objects and clothing, and can now distribute their products to all the black communities and their admirers, also outside craft fairs.

“Estilo Afro has the responsibility to create all the strategies and information for the customer to reach the products, as well as to enjoy all the tools until the finalization of the purchase. In this item, the seller receives the details of the piece by email and begins the process of sending the information and deadlines for the customer,” explains Anderson Ferreira, owner-partner of Estilo Afro.

These initiatives are very positive when it comes to Black Money. According to a G1 report, studies by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) in 2017 showed that Brazil has 11 million Afro-descendant entrepreneurs. Research by the Instituto Locomotiva ensures that blacks move more than R$ 1 trillion reais per year in the economy.

And to ensure a satisfying customer experience, Anderson explains that he works closely with the platform vendors. “We understand the difficulties and needs of those who sell with us and we structure ourselves with some tools to help our partners. One of them is a photo studio with professional equipment so that we can meet each of our salespeople in creating quality content. We partner with models and after the photo shoot, we help sellers register the new products in their stores within the Marketplace,” Anderson details.

This structure of support to the partners was made possible thanks to the contribution that Vai Tec, an acceleration program of technology companies on the periphery of São Paulo, which advised and accelerated the MARKETPLACE Estilo Afro.

Those products that we seek, but never find

cap for curly and kinky hair
Touca (cap) for women with curly or kinky hair

In Estilo Afro you find specific products for the black community that we usually don’t find in stores or events for this audience. Although very much recommended by bloggers, the toca de cabelo de cetim (a cap for curly and kinky hair), which doesn’t mess up one’s curls, is one of the rarities you find on the site. Another precious thing is the Black Panther lamp.

And most importantly, the customer does not pay much more for this, since the value of the product’s freight is often less than you would pay for transportation or parking if you were to look personally in the city

The product range of the site is very large and caters to the whole family, including children.

The strengthening of Afro-entrepreneurs is the main factor that makes Estilo Afro a differentiated Marketplace in the Brazilian market.


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  1. Congrats! to them for trying to set-up shop and build their own brand. I like to see us think ahead cause it will really helps. I hope they have success with the business.

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