“I heard the toilet flush”: Woman fires cleaning lady for using her bathroom; also throws out plate and silverware that she ate with

Madame joga fora pratos e talheres usados por empregada doméstica e a demite por usar o banheiro

Note from BW of Brazil: While you read the latest absurdity coming out of Brazil I want you to ask yourself, again, “Are we really all equal?”, in reference to the oft-repeated phrase heard throughout the country whenever an instance of obvious unequal treatment is recognized. The fact is, in terms of the social hierarchy, Brazilians continue to harbor sentiments that were established during more than three and half centuries of slaveryI’m actually curious to know which belief system is more common: those who truly believe that Brazil is a country based on equality, those who know that it’s not and those who know it’s not but pretend that it is. I also wonder, does the boss lady in today’s story think her ass doesn’t stink too…

Madame throws out dishes and silverware used by maid and fires her for using the bathroom

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“The cleaning was fine, but I didn’t like something you did,” wrote a woman on WhatsApp as she fired her maid. The reason: she used the only bathroom in the house and ate with her plates and silverware. “Besides being disgusting, it’s rude,” exclaimed the lady. A printout of the conversation went viral on the social networks.

Eu Empregada Doméstica- Preta Rara
Preta Rara created a Facebook page to expose the daily humiliations experienced by maids

The Facebook page “Eu, empregada doméstica” (I, maid) gathered, for some time, has reported and testified to the humiliating and vexatious situations experienced by domestics in Brazil. It was created by Joyce Fernandes, better known as Preta Rara (meaning ‘rare black woman’). Today, a historian, rapper and activist, Preta Rara was a maid in Santos (São Paulo) and began to gather testimonies from colleagues in the profession.

Marginalized, the maid profession gained a sigh of dignity when, in 2015, Dilma Rousseff sanctioned a law guaranteeing more rights for these workers.

The situation, however, remains absurd. A report released this Wednesday (22) by the page shows the humiliation that a lot of women who do cleaning work still suffer. A printout of a Whatsapp conversation shows the patroness “Dona Juliana” firing a housekeeper who had done a “good cleaning.” The reason: she used the only bathroom in the house.

“Here at home we only have one bathroom and you used it because I heard the flsuh. Do you know how unhygienic this is? Do you do this at the house of the people you work with?”

The domestic woman, for her part, did not accept it. “I worked liked I was condemned and didn’t even have the right to use the bathroom?”

The humiliation didn’t stop there. “It doesn’t interest me, my dear. I don’t want that kind of person in my house. Besides, I threw out the silverware and plate you ate out of. “

The post revolted net users and went viral in social networks.

Check out the messages.



Is everything ok, dear?

  • Hi Miss Juliana! Good evening, everything’s ok, yes.

Good. I am sending a message about the cleaning.

  • Ah yes, tomorrow I will be there at the scheduled time.

In fact, I don’t want for you to come anymore. Don’t get me wrong, but the last time you came I didn’t like some things that you did.

  • Wow, excuse me, what did I do? Wasn’t the cleaning good?

Yes, it was great. This isn’t the problem. Here at home we only have one bathroom and you used it because I heard the flush. Do you know that this is anti-hygienic how you use the bathroom of others? Do you do this in the house of people you work for?

  • I don’t believe that you’re firing me because I used the bathroom??? I worked like someone condemned and don’t even have the right to use the bathroom? I don’t have any disease, understand. Juliana, I left everything clean! Unfortunately, the world is full of people like you! Yes, you. I said this really, but I didn’t think that it was serious. If I am the motive of the problem! I am who doesn’t want to anymore. Besides you not even appreciating my work, this is a thing of sick people.

Besides disgusting it’s rude. I will spread this on Facebook so no boss picks you up.

  • You can post it! I’m at peace.

SourceRevista Fórum

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  1. When I read that Brazil was somewhat a Westernized country (according to blogger James Maverick), I did not believe it. But, after reading this blog post, I do now.

    The person who fired the maid…it makes me wonder if she does not flush the toilet she uses or wash her hands at all.

    People are nasty no matter who they are.

  2. Wow, this is outrageous to believe someone would do such a thing. That’s really low down and dirty of this lady to fire her over something small and try to keep her from getting more employment.

  3. Think about a toilet, nothing good goes into a toilet. Even the shyt and piss that black ppl pass out is racialized. I wonder if that bitch drinks out of white ppl’s toilets because it is white ppl who use it? Hope she can take her golden shyt and make a necklace and wear it since it is so hygienic, valuable and comes from her white ass.

  4. This boss is clearly a nutcase. I’m not sure if others have ever come across Brazilian author Clarice Lispector’s remarkable novel *The Passion According to G. H.*, retranslated into English a few years ago, but it explores the consciousness of an upper-middle-class White Brazilian woman who is all set to confront her Black maid, only to find that the maid has already left and cleaned out the room she lived in. I won’t give away the ending, but the White woman basically has a psychological breakdown and commits a shocking act in the process of coming to terms with herself and her limited existence.

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