“If I don’t see myself, I don’t buy”: Advertiser creates the “Buy or Don’t Buy” platform that lists companies that include black people in their campaigns

There are 110 million black people in Brazil, spending R$1.5 trillion per year. They receive this money and give it back to the market


Note from BW of Brazil: In reality, this is what it’s all about. What a lot of black folks from old-school social movements don’t seem to understand is that you can march and march and march until the soles of your shoes are gone, it’s not really gonna change anything with a firm economic plan and commitment. Tomorrow is November 20th, the Day of Black Consciousness holiday that will be celebrated in hundreds of cities across Brazil and of course, there will be displays of culture, conferences, panels and of course marches to bring issues of racial inequality to the fore. Of course, these celebrations are great to see, but in all honesty, marches and displays of culture or even policies won’t bring the drastic changes that are necessary. The ideas of “black money” and “if I don’t see myself, I don’t buy” are two slogans that are steps in the right direction. Hopefully, behind these slogans there are organizing plans and ideas that will lead to more economic independence for those who define themselves as black in Brazil. Let’s keep our eyes on this!

“Buy or Don’t Buy” – The digital platform to evaluate the black representation in the media and in the companies

Advertiser creates platform that lists companies that include black people in their campaigns

Courtesy of Razões Para Acreditar

According to the Ricardo Meirelles of the Instituto Locomotiva, by the end of 2017, the black Brazilian community will have moved approximately R$1.62 trillion reais, according to the website. In an effort to showcase companies that care about practicing diversity and include black people in their ads, advertiser Fábio Amarante of Zaion Criações created the Compro or Não Compro (Buy or Don’t Buy) platform, the first site focused on the analysis of black community consumption in Brazil.

The digital platform comes to the community to show your level of satisfaction with the name brands

“I want to show our decision-making power and purchase intent. The platform aims to organize our demands and has three areas, which are advertising, equity within companies at the executive (level) and measurement of content in TV channels,” Amarantes said.

Fábio Amarantes of Zaion Criações

The media can and should work for the inclusion of black people in advertising campaigns, without using stereotypes linked to blackness, such as when there really is inclusion, but the roles are marked by characteristics of exclusion and inequality – factors that reinforce prejudices.

“We want to expand to show our level of satisfaction with everything that does not impact. We need to exchange experiences about our consumption power and consume more consciously and also teach community companies that they have to have a nice space. We need to run all this monetary volume that we move annually,” concludes the publicist.

Initiatives such as these contribute to the public’s recognition of the companies that invest in the black community, which we agree is nothing more than the obligation!

SourceRazões Para Acreditar 

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  1. Really great article !! I like how black brazil is getting it together in regards to their financial freedom and recognizing that the majority have a great purchasing power that can help shape the Brazilian economy.

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