In TV show, white woman "becomes" black woman to live out her fantasy: to have sex with a black man – Brazilian styled blackface

black Brazilians

Actress Aline Moraes: made up as black woman (left) and as herself

 With the recent controversy surrounding tennis player Caroline Wozniacki stuffing her top and skirt to impersonate tennis champion Serena Williams (coincidentally in Brazil), I thought I would revisit another  recent incident involving a white woman imitating a black woman. On the November 29th episode of Brazil’s Globo TV program Como aproveitar o fim do mundo (How to take advantage of the end of the world), actress Aline Moraes’s character Kátia artificially darkens her skin and dons an afro wig to “become” a black woman. Why? In Globo’s own take on the end of the world craze, Kátia wants do everything she hadn’t managed to do in her life up to that point including fixing the errors. So what does this have to do with looking like a black woman? Check out how the blog called Belezas Negras explained it in a post called “Black Face e o fim do mundo na TV Globo  (Blackface and the end of the world on Globo TV)”:

“Globo TV tries to spread the in-vogue belief in the end of the world on the cabalistic day of 12/21/2012, a touch of anticipated spectacle on the couch.

“In its parody of the end of the world on TV, the series Como aproveitar o fim do mundo (How to take advantage of the end of the world) presents an episode in which a white actress, Aline Moraes, is made up as a black woman in order to accomplish one of her “last desires”: to fuck a black man. I used the word “fuck” because I find it more consistent with the final moment in time, straight up with no sweetener or false morality! After all, she only has a short time to accomplish the act.

“In the minds of the authors, by the fictional scene they created, this is one of those things that they believe some white women want at the last minute. The critical conclusion that they ultimately reached is consistent with the policy and standard imagery that Globo TV and its clan of writers commonly produce and exhibit through racist stereotypes offered to the public as entertainment.”

And this is how the news was reported on Globo’s website

Actress Alinne Moraes appears as a black woman with an afro on Globo TV series

 Do you recognize the girl in the photo above? It is Aline Moraes characterized for the TV program Como aproveitar o fim do mundo (How to take advantage of the end of the world). In the episode, Kátia, her character in the Alexandre Machado and Fernanda Young–written series, remembers that one of the main items on her list of last wishes is to sleep with a black man and an oriental man. To do this, she needs to adapt herself to the taste of the candidate who she will try to take to bed.

To take on this appearance, Aline spent 40 minutes being made up and coiffed before going on stage. The make-up team of the series used long-lasting makeup as the base for her to have dark skin along with a wig.

“The idea was to give her with an air of the mid-70s”, explains Simone Batata about the characterization on the show. “Only that the strands of the wig were straight and we needed to give it curls. Then we had to unravel it strand by strand to create this ‘afro’ effect. It came out exactly like we wanted.”

Here’s a short clip of the scene from the show

Aline Moraes in Como Aproveitar o Fim do Mundo (Skip to 2:16)

So what do think of this? Do you see it as racist? Disrespectful? Just plain silly? My thing is this, I never like to see anything remotely reminiscent of old blackface caricatures that served as a means of dehumanizing black people in the 19th and 20th centuries. This imitation of a black woman doesn’t come across as dehumanizing or hideous as the old black and white images from the early 20th century, or the more outrageous blackface performances during Brazilian Carnaval and a current controversial TV show, but my question is this: why imitate a black woman in an attempt to have sex with a black man? Interracial relations, love and sex is nothing new, and as we have shown in previous posts, there are plenty of black men in Brazil who would accept a white woman just as she is! Thus, for me, this is just plain silly. The other problem is, as we have discussed in a few previous posts, it again plays on the fetish of interracial sex as well as stereotypical images of black male sexuality.

On the other hand, this subtle display of blackface doesn’t let Brazilian TV networks off the hook. In the past 40 years or so, Brazilian television has shown that it has no problem painting white faces black for the sake of humor. And many of the other blackface performances are just as ghoulish as those from the old Al Jolson era. Below are just a few videos of blackface performances on Brazilian television over the years.

A Cabana do Pai Tomás: white actor Sérgio Cardoso in blackface and without

In 1969, the Globo TV network aired the novela A Cabana do Pai Tomás, a Brazilian take on the Harriet Beecher Stowe novel, Uncle Tom’s Cabin. On the program, white actor Sérgio Cardoso’s face and body was painted black, he wore a wig and corks in his nose to emulate a black man. The program provoked protests from artists and intellectuals and gave the impression that there were no black actors available or talented enough to play the part. Below are only a few more of many videos of Brazilian styled blackface.

Grande Otelo and Virgínia Lane in “Boneca de Piche” (1973) – Tv Globo

Xuxa e Grande Otelo – “Boneca de Pixe” (1992)

Black?! Me?!?

Elizabeth Savala as a “mulata”

Desirée Oliveira and Romeu Evaristo, re-do “Boneca de Piche”

Lady Kate “Single Ladies”

Actresses without blackface makeup

Virginia Lane (top left) Xuxa (top right) Desirée Oliveira, Elizabeth Savala, Lady Kate

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  1. yeah, somewhere between silly , stupid , disrespect and racistit just doesnt surprise me globo would do this, what do you expect from the channal that brought you xuxa with her all blond paquitas (sp?), novelas set in bahia with mostly white people, and, to take the cake, a small serius with elisabeth filhardes (sp) playing an ex prostitute who takes a job as a maid and finds out the husband of her employer was once a client…the problem is, globo thinks it is brazil, they think they are brazilian mentality, brazilian stories, brazil's moral guide, brazil's music ( biggest joke of all), brazil's culture etc etci cant even watch novelas hardly anymore…and brazil has some great actors…but, for some reason, the writers cant seem to write like what is really happening in brazilon the street, brazil can have a wicked hilarious sence of humor, i dont fing that coming out on the tv…instead you are getting "panico" style humor now, which is some sao paulo guys with too many gas fumes in their brains and the humor os sadistic and lowbrazilian tv is not brazil…i dont think american tv is america either

  2. Maybe the writers of the show were thinking that she, as a beautiful white woman, shouldn't stoop low by sleeping with a black man. Nah, let's make the whole thing ridiculous and comedic by doing a black face…and mocking black people.

  3. Ah Brazil. The more I learn about it the more I'm repulsed. There's a saying I've heard, that Brazil is 20 years behind the united states when it come to racial issues and other things. Actually I think it's 100. Whatever the number it is, this article certainly proves it. I really don't know what drew me to the the country in the first place. If I went there I'd be going backwards in time.

    • There are problems everywhere, dear. Race relations are as complex in Brazil as they are in the United States. Before you make such rush judgment, try to learn a little more about the country. What happened is, of course, bad, but not everything about Brazil is bad.

  4. What is it about the 'lowest' (dark)people on earth that makes them so despised, that the whole world mistreats them, yet historically we worshipped them(see Back Madonna &Child)? If they're so low, why not just leave them alone to wallow in their 'lowness'? Makes ya think…

  5. dont think people should be so quick to condemn brazil as though it is so behind everyone…i think it is behind on some things and ahead on others…as far as race issues, i dont think the usa, for example, is just out and out the example everyone has to follow. no matter what race, religion, creed, ethnic background you are, somewhere in the usa, someone hates you…the division of races, from all sides, in the usa, is as wide as a 10 lane mac truck highway…some ways to break down what is happening in the usa , dont translate to brazil..brazil is way ahead of most places in the world as far as sensuality…to be sure, the sexual psycho analytical finger pointing at who is dating who and what is sexualy objective, absolutly cant be looked at in the same way in brazil as what is going down in the usa now…and, i dont like that bs in the usa now, i think it actualy is a bogus highway that wastes energy at things that would be better spent on attacking the real issues…and, europe is racist to the bone also, we got lots of reports down here of high leval soccar brazilian players getting subjected to racist taunts from the crowds in various countries , and a horrible customs/alfandaga atitude for a period in spain where they were stopping brazilians from entering the country , especialy ones with color, and herding them in a room and calling them racist names…no , i wouldnt trade brazil for europe if you paid all expensesbrazil is an incredible country, and, the sensuality is unbeleivable and inspite of a tremendous discrimination and racism, afro brazilian culture is so rich , that if you go the extra mile to find it, and you will have to dig, you will be rewarded beyond your dreamsglobo isnt brazil…

  6. I think the main reason why some of us express utter disappointment with something like this taking place in Brazil is because, unlike the U.S. and Europe, Brazil has the largest population of African descendants outside of the continent of Africa. For this reason alone, many of us were expecting better even if it is a stupid program on a stupid TV network. Truly disappointing to learn that Brazil is no better than the rest, irrespective of the high numbers of Blacks in the country.

  7. "Brazil is an incredible country, and, the sensuality is unbelievable and despite of a tremendous discrimination and racism, Afro Brazilian culture is so rich….. "If for you to be an "INCREDIBLE COUNTRY " is to have "The most sensuality " then excuse me you must be a very privileged person to focus ONLY on this aspect of a country. THE PROBLEM IS for THE PEOPLE ( and for the ONES who REALLY care about them) who are suffering from "THIS TREMENDOUS DISCRIMINATION AND RACISM " WE CAN'T AFFORD TO ONLY FOCUS ON YOUR SO CALLED "SENSUALITY" BECAUSE racism and discrimination make your life INCREDIBLY HORRIBLE/DIFFICULT DUE TO THE INJUSTICE THAT YOU FACE IN A REGULAR BASIS.And i don't think that "SENSUALITY" can give you HUMAN BASIC RIGHT…. you know the ones defend by the United Nation Assembly. "SENSUALITY " can't give you "DIGNITY" especially if you are living below the level of poverty because you have no economical power you are treat like a sub human."SENSUALITY can't give you a good education especially when racism block you from A good school or university even if you have the capacity and the will to go further."SENSUALITY" can 't give you A good well paid job except MAYBE IN PROSTITUTION…."SENSUALITY" can't protect you from POLICE BRUTALITY."SENSUALITY" can't make you see YOURSELF in a very positive way in media except like a SEXUAL OBJECT."SENSUALITY" can't give you a high self esteem and pride in your origin/culture/ history "BECAUSE OF THE TREMENDOUS DISCRIMINATION AND RACISM.YOU CAN LIVE PROPERLY WITHOUT "SENSUALITY" IF YOU HAVE YOUR BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS RESPECTED and you are treated decently.BUT THE OTHER WAY AROUND I am not so sure… example given BRAZIL."AFRO BRAZILIAN CULTURE IS SO RICH"… YEAH SO RICH that the only thing that matter to you is…..SENSUALITY…WHOA!BUT i am not denying the richness of AFRO BRAZILIAN CULTURE but the problem is i can't fully appreciate it because Afro Brazilian still don't have the power ( economical, political and cultural ) to defend it. I KNOW IT WILL TAKE TIME."Europe is racist to the bone also, we got lots of reports down here of high level soccer Brazilian players getting subjected to racist taunts from the crowds in various countries"NOBODY DENIED THAT RACISM EXIST IN EUROPE even the natives of the country. IN FACT THE ONLY COUNTRY WHICH DENIED THAT RACISM IS WELL ALIVE IN ITS BORDERS IS……BRAZIL AKA "THE RACIAL DEMOCRACY". I live/ lived in Europe ( London, Paris , Luxembourg, Germany) and yes of course racism is there but everybody is aware and you can say that a lot of things /actionS are done to tackle it. And if i compare my life today to my early childhood in France they had been a lot of improvements. NOTHING TO COMPARE TO BRAZIL SO PLEASE DON'T EVEN TRY…AND FOR THE SOCCER PLAYERS (especially ones with color) i find this a little bit strange and ironic that they complained about RACISM IN EUROPE WHEN THEY LIVE IN THE MOST RACIST COUNTRY ON EARTH…BRAZIL. YOU WILL NEVER HEARD THEM COMPLAINING about racism in their own country. THEY REALLY NEED TO START FIGHTING IT AT HOME AND MAYBE THEY WILL NOT BE SURPRISED when they face it. After All RACISM is one of the most NEGATIVE value shared all over the world.MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY.

  8. I don't think we were expecting better. Also I think that many other countries are better than Brazil. The US takes a lot of the blame globally for ,being racist, but they have really improved, even white people make an effort to change their attitudes and they deserve to be applauded for that, unlike in Brazil.As for the high numbers of Blacks/browns in Brazil, now that's really confusing. Who in their right mind would put up with that kind of treatment especially if your 50% of the population?

  9. minasek, that is why people like you dont get it, you point your pious finger at brazil and make it like sensuality is some privalege, when sensuality is every brazilian's natural right, and that is what makes it a great country, and pitiful for the rest of you who dont have it in your lives . sensuality is enormous in the black communities, the afro brazilian culture expresses it in a tremendous way, only someone with logic like yours would see it in the light you do, and i pity that..because the black brazilian is in touch with their sensuality…and sensuality is free in brazil, as near as the nearest beach…you don pay for it to go behind closed doors..see you are the one who mistakes prostitution for sensualityonly people who think in your uptight terms make it a liability and as though it is something not atainable if you have to suffer racism…what a crock…having sensuality is one thing, dealing with racism is another…your uptightness about it speaks more of your personal lack of it in your lifeif someone really wants to come to brazil and deal with the racism there, they need to drop their notions of what to be criticising, like sensuality is some sexualy objective notion if it involves black women…you obviously dont get it, the problem is the media wont show black female sensuality at all, except for two weeks in carnival…and there is so much sensuality in afro brazilian culture, but, in arguments like you make on other threads and other people, for you all its reduced to "hip shaking" and "sexual exploitation"…what an keep your ignorance, get it away from meor the ridiculous notion about who dates who because of color and all the uptight baggage people like you bring to the table about it…and you all invevitabley start looking at, and finger pointing at celibrities…that is nothing but gossip at that point, and it just doesnt translate in brazil(and im absolutly not saying colorism doesnt exist, it does, but that is another story , not pointing figers at sensuality, what a waste of time)and you think europe is more advanced? have you ever spent time in brazil? or are you some couch potato who never came here making your dogmad cliched criticisms from afar?ive pointed out racism in brazil in almost every post ive made, i know how it exists in brazil better than you do..i absolutly believe that racism needs to be addressed, but a brazilian way…NOT YOUR WAY!!!

  10. that is what i hate about stupid cruddy dogmad rhetoricbrazil racism has to be dealt with on its terms, there are shades and nuances if you dont live here you wont get at all..the usa has to deal with it on its terms, each country in europe has to deal with their racism on their terms, south africa has to deal with it on its termsthere are women with dark skin who do not want to be classified as "black" , and will get beligerant with you if you argue with them about it there are black brazilian women who have no hang ups about dating white men and will get angry with you if you start reffering to "slave past" and why they shouldnt be dating white men or what ever reason people are over analysing why people interracialy date these days in all your perspective countriesthere are brazilian women who would stone any woman's libber who would come down to their beach and try to tell them that they are being "sexual objects" for wearing incredibley small bikinis…and that definitly includes black brazilian brazilian women love their sensuality, you dont get that sitting far away throwing dogmad criticisms take that rhetoric dogmad uptight cliched logic when it comes to brazil and stuff it and try to learn about the country before you start trying to superimpose solutions to racism in brazilGLOBO ISNT BRAZIL!! DO YOU GET THAT?

  11. i actualy think life without sensuality is dead and does affect ones dignity you are not complete without sensuality , what good is good education, equal rights , pay etc but not have sensuality in your life? the dogmad uptight rhetoric squeeses life out someone when it focuses on what is wrong with sensuality or doesnt acknowledge the importance of it in our livesyou think it is "my sensuality"? what a joke, it is brazil's sensuality, including and especialy black brazilian cultureand fighting racism and having sensuality are not exclusive in any way and form…both , fighting racism and having sensuality, are seriously important in lifeits really telling that anyone would try to make my points about brazilian sensuality as though it is the only thing that is great about brazilim just answering comments on this blog that try to railroad brazilian sensuality and culture into some kind of pshyco sexual racist sexualy objectifying can of worms…i keep saying , the real racism to address has nothing to do with this , it is much much bigger and more important, you waste important time being uptight about sensuality, and dating preferances

  12. minasek, what kind of logic would criticise black brazilian football players for coming from the "most racist country on earth ( in your words)" for experiancing racism in various european countries?this was national news down here not some players griping…and spanish customs/alfandaga was horrible to brazilians and called them reacial epihits…this is disgusting that is really telling of the absolute weakness in your arguments "oh yeah lets point our pious fingers at brazil for its racism , but, our racsim in europe just doesnt count as much, because the black player comes from brazil where it is more racist"…do you see what you sound like? that is why i just dont care what you think , i have to dismiss your ligic because it is full of swiss cheese holes and you just want to superimpose your logic on a whole country that you dont really fully understandi can be in full agreement with everyone that reacism is huge in brazil and horriblei can tell you this is a very intence important time in brazil as far as racism, the country is actualy in a slow painful way trying to address its racism, introducing quotas, painfully trying to integrate the media, the battle lines against racism are being drawn and it is an exiting time to combat this racism, and many articles in here on gatas negras are addressing these important issues….so , it is even more important to really understand what brazil is about and not to super impose notions on how its suposed to be dealt with without understanding brazilian culture and what makes it special and uniqueits ridiculas to throw the baby out with the bath water..people who dont live here need to make an extra effort to understand the countryand seriously, there are some international notions and dogmas in the very valuable racial issue movements that need to be dropped …its that simple, political movements and agendas need to tweak there agendas if they really want to be meaningful and relevant instead of dogmas that come back to bite you in the butt because they were too stiff and weak in real logic to begin with…the world is full of miserable politcal agendas and dogmas that do nothing but keep people suffering and ignorant and dont really solve the problemsand quit looking at celebrities to make points about interracial dating…wtf is that but "national inquiry psych racial analysis gossip"

  13. "You are not complete without sensuality , what good is good education, equal rights , pay etc but not have sensuality in your life?"…. ARE YOU FOR REAL ?YOU NEED FIRST TO DESCRIBE WHAT IS SENSUALITY EXACTLY FOR YOU ? (maybe we can debate on that)"What kind of logic would criticize Black Brazilian football players for coming from the "most racist country on earth ( in your words)" for experiencing racism in various European countries?this was national news down here not some players griping…and Spanish customs/alfandaga was horrible to Brazilians and called them racial epitaphs…this is disgusting"…. THE SAME LOGIC WHICH CRITICIZE RACISM EVERYWHERE especially when it is happening in your own country.WHEN SOMETHING IS WRONG IS WRONG. All this Brazilian celebrities when they are in Europe they are lying their Ass Off about the real racial situation in Brazil, That's why for a long time people really believed THAT RACISM DIDN'T EXIST IN BRAZIL. EVEN BLACK PEOPLE OUTSIDE WERE BELIEVING THAT CRAP UNTIL PEOPLE START TO TRAVEL OVER THERE AND WERE QUITE SHOCKED.That's why AND NOT JUST ME WHO CALLED Brazil "The most racist country in the world" because the gap between reality and "publicity" IS HUUUUUGE.Using racial epitaphs is not just common in Europe it is also very common in Brazil Where it is OK to blacken a white face just to be sure that you will not have to give the role to a black actor. Because APPARENTLY with so many black / brown people you can't find a talented one.THIS IS CALLED RACISM BABY AND IT IS HAPPENING EVERYDAY IN BRAZIL. YOU SHOULD READ THE BLOG PROPERLY AND NOT JUST FOCUS ON "SENSUALITY" AKA WOMEN DRESSED VERY "SEXY" OR ALMOST HALF NAKED. YOU REALLY NEED TO SPEND MORE TIME AT READING ALL THE ARTICLES SO YOU CAN CONCENTRATE YOUR MIND ON THE REAL ISSUE LIKE JUSTICE, EQUALITY AND REAL DIGNITY."But, our racism in Europe just doesn't count as much, because the black player comes from Brazil where it is more racist"…I NEVER SAID THAT and you know it. Just Go back to my post."Quit looking at celebrities to make points about interracial dating."IT IS FUNNY BECAUSE I NEVER NEVER TALKED ABOUT INTERRACIAL DATING AND I DON'T EVEN UNDERSTAND WHY YOU ARE BRINGING THIS UP.I NEVER said that "sensuality " is a privilege. But i said that to focus and think that is the most important thing ABOVE YOUR HUMAN RIGHTS is to be insane (AND TO BE PRIVILEGED ). AND YES I STILL BELIEVE THAT YOU CAN LIVE WITHOUT "SENSUALITY" especially when it comes to the Brazilian Definition of it."The world is full of miserable political agendas and dogmas that do nothing but keep people suffering and ignorant and don't really solve the problems"ABSOLUTELY TRUE. ONE of this political agenda is " THE RACIAL DEMOCRACY" and ONE of this dogma is "SENSUALITY"."I've pointed out racism in Brazil in almost every post I've made, i know how it exists in Brazil better than you do..i absolutely believe that racism needs to be addressed, but a Brazilian way…NOT YOUR WAY!!!FOR YOUR INFORMATION MY SISTER LIVED THERE FOR ONE YEAR ( SHE DESCRIBED IT LIKE HELL BUT IT WAS HER FAULT BECAUSE MY AUNTIE AND I WARNED HER BUT SHE PREFER TO LISTEN TO HER WHITE FRIENDS. AND MY UNCLE IS MARRIED TO A BLACK BRAZILIAN WOMAN. She is still going there and YES SHE TOLD ME THAT THERE IS A DIFFERENCE SINCE LULA HAS BEEN IN POWER. but she will never be able to live there again. Her experience not mine."I don't know" if racism must be addressed in my way EVEN if i think that we must concentrate on Universal Human Rights (THE MOST IMPORTANT THING in my opinion )BUT I KNOW THAT IT MUST NOT BE ADDRESSED IN YOUR WAY especially when you put "SENSUALITY" above Human Rights and ALSO not in the old Brazilian way ( aka racial democracy )because we already know the outcome.

  14. minasek , actualy, thanks for sharing about your family and their contact in brazilfirst, you have to know , im in total agreement about racism in brazil everyday ,it greatly concerns me, but, it also concerns me that people focus on the real problems of racism and not attack passistas, which was done by commenters on here on one of the threads, and sorry if i implied you did when you didntcommenters start making generalisations about brazil ,based on things like "too much hip shaking, and if they advertised a passista (they dont know that is the name or the tradition) , it is sexual exploitation and i wont go to brazil because of that"…i mean these are some of the comments , and they are way off…and, ill criticise the over focus on interracial dating…its got nothing to do with it, just get black brazilians in the media with dignified and sensual rolls, the whole thing because black brazlians have all these spectrums, and if they get in the media correctly, those image issues would start to clear up…the battles for economic equality, university entry , police brutality etc are exactly what they are and need to be the front lneabout racism in europe, here is todays headline in terra about a musician in spain beat up by the police and he is black :,decda83182adb310VgnVCM3000009acceb0aRCRD.htmland this is why i say people outside of brazil better check themselves out before they start pointing the fingerbut , i think one thing i certainly agree with you about is, brazil has a lot of racism and im concerned about it and want it seriously addressed

  15. a little more about the headlineit happened in spain and it was a black brasilian musician, from pernambuco, and i know a huge amount of great musicians from there,and the police just grabbed him and took him to another place and beat him…he said the racism was in his life all the time because he is blackin spain

  16. Just plain lazy writing for a novela in my opinion. There are plenty of Black men and white women in Brasil that would date each other. Yes, and there are whites in Brasil that would not give Blacks a second look. I think it would have been more interesting for her to date a Black man as a "white woman". On that note, being white in Brasil is certainly different from being white in Europe or the US.

  17. Wrong. There's racism in that manner because Black people are the ones who do not give whites a second look. Spain is a place where Black People such as in USA, commanded the country a couple of centuries ago. People mixed, also they mixed with other ethnicities. If you are a brasilliam living on central Brazil, North or Southeast, you should know that Racism is a trick and fake as much This white girl showing her secret I wanna be black to attract black males or females shows. The South of the Brazil is not that white either. The black population there is just smaller but plenty of mixes about. The same goes for Bahia… I thought I was in Europe when in the first days of voccation.

  18. There's plenty of Blacks that would not give whites a second look… Please, correct your phrase. The article is about a white person going black in order to have sex with blacks not otherwise. The Media is anti black union but I don't know why it. Agree, there's plenty of Black Men and White Women or Black Women and White Men dating and marrying in the Brasil. On the streets what I see are people chasing blacks for sex. I love my country and its people, but I hate hypocrisy. Blacks were enslaved for labor and sexual slavery worldwide, not instead. Remember that.

  19. tell'em sista! But I will tell you this: things are not going to get better,only worst here in the US and Brazil. They just will not get over being insecure,although, we didnt create ourselves,but love who we are. Its just that they hate themselve and manipulate some of us to do the same. And then you have racism.

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