Matilde Ribeiro

Matilde is a political activist and the former Special Secretary of Politics of the Promotion of Racial Equality under the Lula da Silva administration. Ribeiro is known for speaking her mind on controversial topics. In the 2006, she said that she thought it was “better to have resentful whites but blacks in the university than to have happy whites and blacks outside of the university.” But it was her comments in 2007 that leveled accusations of reverse racism by Brazilian citizens and governmental officials. In an interview with the BBC, Ribeiro said, “It is not racism when blacks rebel against whites” because the “reaction of not wanting to co-exist with whites or not liking whites is natural.”
For the past decade, Brazil has grappled with the issue of quotas in order to allow more Afro-Brazilians access to public universities. Although Afro-Brazilians make up half of Brazil’s population, Brazilians of a more European appearance make up 80% of the student body of Brazilian universities. In February of 2008, Ribeiro stepped down from her post as a result of mounting media pressure regarding allegations that she made excessive purchases with her federal government-issued corporate credit card.
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  1. "Racism is when an economic, political or numerical majority abstains from or veto rights of others.""In Brazil, racism is not by law, as in South Africa. This led us to a mixture. Apparently everyone can enjoy everything, but in practice there are places where blacks will not. There is a debate here whether the issue is racial or social. I would say both.""It is not by legal means that racism happens. What is needed is a change of attitude of the people." With these statements she perfectly explain evrything to me no need to add more; And i totally agree with her;Very good interview and it is very refreshing to hear her voice compared to other black brazillian celebrities who prefer to claim " There is NO RACISM IN BRAZIL"; They hide their hypocrisy behind the fact that the lawS against racism in Brazil are very defined; But we all know that there is always A HUGE DIFFERENCE between WHAT IS WRITTEN AND WHAT IS PRACTICED IN EVRYDAY LIFE.THE way she was attacked doesn't surprise me; It is the same routine; Taking a sentence out of context, avoiding the real subject of the interview ( How racism happens in Brazil) then accusing the victim to be WHAT she is denouncing; Typical Insincere Attitude from people who want to ignore the problem rather than fighting it; Especially when they profit from the system; GOD BLESS;

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