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Macaco? Really? But have you ever really done the comparison? Lips. Hair. Skin color. Who is it that really looks more like a monkey?

Note from BW of Brazil: I’m not even gonna spend much time on this one. Believe me, there are already thousands of people who have weighed in on this issue, … Continue reading

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Black women collaborate in photographic essay exalting African royalty: Three São Paulo natives represent Queens Nzinga, Makeda and Yaa Asantewaa

Note from BW of Brazil: Representation, representation, and more representation! A keyword that cannot be stressed enough on this blog. What does one do when depictions of beauty in a mainstream media … Continue reading

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“We black men and women are in the line of fire”: Sociologist and ombudswoman Vilma Reis fights for the collective empowerment of the black population

Note from BW of Brazil: If you’re not already aware, Afro-Brazilians are in a state of emergency. I know there are those who will read such a statement and immediately … Continue reading

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I’m a “conceited black woman?”: It’s not a compliment, but apparently being a successful, confident black woman makes some people very uncomfortable

Note from BW of Brazil: In numerous previous posts on this blog, many writers and I have discussed this question of “the place” of the black Brazilian. And what I … Continue reading

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Before Neymar, Joel Camargo was the French PSG futebol team’s first Brazilian; a good player, but after speaking out on racism, he died poor, sick and forgotten

Note from BW of Brazil: Let me start this article off by stating that I am not a big sports enthusiast. This is not to say that I don’t like … Continue reading

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77-year old black woman brings down the house at book festival with an emotional speech on racism; words lead top black actor and many others to tears

Note from BW of Brazil: So last Saturday, I received this video in one of my social networks. As I was busy and receive so many messages and videos, I … Continue reading

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Justice in black and white – Rafael Braga and Breno Borges: when 9g of racism weighs more than 129kg of marijuana

Note from BW of Brazil: It’s been a little over three months since we last reported on the situation of Rafael Braga, the young black male from Rio de Janeiro, … Continue reading

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