“Stop talking about racial consciousness and racism will disappear”: Journalist Glória Maria provokes controversy citing Morgan Freeman’s views on race


Note from BW of Brazil: Whenever I get into a discussion with a friend, family member or colleague about whatever topic it may be, and we discover that we have opposing views, after a few minutes of debating and presenting a few reasons for why I believe what I believe and listening to their views, I usually just back away and agree to disagree.  And when I first heard American actor Morgan Freeman’s views on race, I had to apply this practice once again.

Well, recently, long-time and perhaps Brazil’s most well-known black journalist Glória Maria raised eyebrows in black activist circles when she felt compelled to cite one of Freeman’s most famous quotes in rejecting the celebration of yesterday’s Day of Black Consciousness. I won’t go too deep into the absurdity of such beliefs because we all have opinions. But let me just say this…African peoples didn’t have concepts of racial discrimination/consciousness based on the skin color and thus there wasn’t a need to discuss it. But Europeans clearly brought the institution to the continent that they continue to practice to this day.

In Brazil, decades after historian/anthropologist Gilberto Freyre declared Brazil a “racial democracy”, masses of black Brazilians had no concept of ‘black consciousness’, and this didn’t discuss it, but Brazil’s effective system of practicing racism while simultaneously denying its existence has kept black people “in their places” ever since. And, as far as I know, no group that is in a position of power ever willingly relinquishes it. And as racism is a pillar of white supremacy, it would be foolish for anyone to believe that it will magically disappear just because no one speaks of racial consciousness again. But then again, if you’re a fan of Morgan Freeman movies, it’s possible you could believe in anything…

Maria says she disagrees with the existence of the Day of Black Consciousness. (photo: TV Globo/Reproduction)

Long-time journalist Glória Maria provokes controversy with post on Day of Black Consciousness

Journalist rebuked criticism in her social network: ‘Delete the post??? Never!!!’

Courtesy of Correio Braziliense

The journalist Glória Maria decided to comment on the controversy involving a publication in her official profile on the Instagram. For four days, the host became a target of criticism after expressing her opinion against the Day of Black Consciousness, held on Monday, November 20, and decided to rebuff users.

”Delete this post???? Never!!!! Whoever does not agree with it, okay! I think it’s sad, but understand,” the journalist wrote.

freeman quote
“The day we stop worrying about black consciousness, yellow or white and worrying about human consciousness, the racism disappears” – Morgan Freeman

She was talking about a Nov. 15 publication, in which she shared an image of American actor Morgan Freeman next to the phrase: “The day that we stop worrying about Black, Yellow or White Consciousness and worrying about Human Consciousness, the racism will disappear.”

To justify her opinion, the journalist still amended: “Racial prejudice is a mark in our lives! But I do not have to change my ideas by the imposition of whoever wants it to be!”

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The journalist provoked controversy by posting a meme of a Freeman quote on race

Check the answer in full:

”To all who disagree with this Morgan Freeman thought: Not agreeing is your right! But pretending that everyone thinks the same is at the least prepotent! I totally agree with him! To begin with, he is not Brazilian, and he is not quoting on the day of Black Consciousness. An achievement of ours! He is talking about something much bigger. Humanity! I and he, too, were born black and poor and we conquered our space with a lot of struggle and work! We are not privileged. We are people who have never accepted the place reserved for us in a mundo branco (white world)! Do any of you know my story and his? You are content to draw conclusions and make mistaken opinions on social networks! We study, fight, resist and fight all kinds of discrimination! Racial prejudice is a mark in our lives! But I do not have to change my ideas by the imposition of whoever wants it to be! Delete this post???? Never!!!! Whoever does not agree with it, okay! I think it’s sad but understand. The minds and the feelings, thank God, are not the same! How do we fight inequality if we do not accept the differences? Dear ones, live your lives and let us live ours! We must always try to find our own way! Without criticizing and condemning others! Everyone needs to fight racism in any way they choose best! Always remembering the right and the opinion of the other! Sou negra e me orgulho (I’m black and I’m proud). But I do not follow booklets. My racial pains I met and fought alone! With no social network to display my frustrations! I have the right and duty to put what I think into a space that is mine! I do not impose and I do not accept to be told how I should live or think!???

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  1. In a country where color is suppose to be irrelevant yet it surreptitiously practice “hidden” prejudice and systematic racism on a daily basis. It will never go away just by not thinking about it. Human consciousness I want to believe it but color is what you and I see everything on plant earth has a some form of color. Black consciousness!!!

  2. The System of White Supremacy has built in mechanisms to let a few assimilate into its system successfully: Morgan Freeman, Oprah Winfrey etc; however, the vast majority suffers. American prisons are inundated with black men…and now, even black women. So, don’t get things twisted.

  3. Her opinion is her own, but ignoring Blackness and Black consciousness while also not discussing racism and white supremacy aren’t going to make racist oppression and domination disappear, it only enables and empowers them. In fact, the approach Freeman pushes for has long been a successful gas-lighting strategy that transfers power to the oppressor. I hope she can see beyond her relative privilege to the larger situation Black Brazilians and Black people across the globe are facing, and then rethink her position.

  4. I agree. Let’s not talk about sexual abuse, and sexual abuse will disappear. Let’s not talk about discrimination, and discrimination will happily disappear. Let’s not talk about poverty, and poverty will go puff and disappear!

    With elites like her, I now understand why the state of black Brazilians is in such a mess.

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