The Asè collection – Based on fashion, activism and ancestry, from the perspective of racism, Bahian artists record documentary in New York

The pieces of the Asè collection were made at the technical center of the Castro Alves Theater (TCA)

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Note from BW of Brazil: Well this most definitely sounds exciting! Brazilian-born black fashion designer making moves, using her talents to address wider social issues on top of that, making it happen in on of the most important cities in the world. Based on some of her thoughts that appeared in the first post specifically about her, I’m already interested in what Carol Barreto has in store for the documentary! Yet another black Brazilian woman making moves!

Fashion and activism: Bahian artists record documentary in New York

Carol Barreto, Laila Rosa and Luana Amaral will finalize the documentary Coleção Asè in the United States

Courtesy of Correio 24 Horas and Nação Z

Bahian stylist Carol Barreto, musician Laila Rosa and video editor Luana Amaral are packed ready for New York in the United States. The reason? The finalization of the documentary Coleção Asè (Asè Collection), which debates fashion and activism from the perspective of racism.

Cleitson Cunha
The pieces of the Asè collection were made at the technical center of the Castro Alves Theater (TCA)

The artists will be in the United States from Oct. 16-31, and in addition to collecting material for audio production – which has as its main themes gender, fashion and anti-racist activism – will hold a kind of conversation circle, where each one will to talk to the public about her creative process. “Me and my team have experimented with other forms of discourse in the area of fashion design,” says Carol, who intends to display pieces of clothing and images from the Asè Collection at the event. The process of creating the soundtrack, the parades and the documentary will be approached by Laila Rosa, while Luana Amaral will photograph the event and record the interviews.

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The designer Carol Barreto, creator of the Asè collection (Photo: Cleitson Cunha)

Launched in December 2016 at the Angola Fashion International Show in Luanda, the Asè Collection, which lends its names to the documentary, reflects on the relationship between Brazil and Africa. Portraying the impact of a black and Bahian woman’s return to Angola, the starting point is the religious and cultural rituals performed by enslaved Africans.

The exchange and diffusion project is curated by the artist Juci Reis – from the international curatorial studio Harmonipan – and was included in the Edital de Mobilidade Artística e Cultural do Fundo de Cultura da Bahia  (Cultural and Artistic Mobility Edict of the Culture Fund of Bahia), managed by Secult.

About the collection: “The Asè collection was born with inspiration in the marks of afrobrasilidade, under the impact of the return of a black Bahian woman to Angola, the land from where our ancestors left, revering our history of negritude in Brazil. The starting point is the imaginary fueled for decades, through orality, religious and cultural rituals, by Africans enslaved in Brazil, back to our original land. “

In the exchange we will continue the international circulation of the Asè Collection and the construction of the video through the dialogue with cultural institutions and activists that historically have acted in the field of Artevismo (artivism) in the city New York, in the United States, a city where the field had its establishment and thus, the international stage of the documentary ‘Collection Asè’ could build a dialogue with Afro-diasporic black women who work in the field of political activism and who have the arts as a form of expression of their struggles and in an educational laboratory creative activity to experiment through musical activities and aesthetic creation involving clothing and fashion, a debate on the importance of the relationship between fashion and anti-racist and feminist political activism.

Source: Correio 24 Horas, Nação Z

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