Who among you will cast the first stone? Two of the vigilantes who tied teen to a pole have prior criminal records

Journalist Rachel Sheherazade  and teen stripped and tied to pole in Rio
Journalist Rachel Sheherazade and teen stripped and tied to pole in Rio

Note from BW of Brazil: In a climate of lawlessness and evidence of a society in chaos, last week a well-known journalist endorsed a controversial vigilante act that has been endlessly debated ever since. As reported here originally, a 15-year old black teen who has a record of petty crime was stripped naked and tied to a post by a group of about 30 middle class “justiceiros” (or vigilantes) in the Flamengo area of Rio last week. SBT TV news anchor Rachel Sheherazade hailed the act, showed no mercy for the homeless teen who was the victim of the act and also asked the public to “go easy” on troubled pop star Justin Bieber for his recent transgressions. Well as it turns out, two of the vigilantes whose act she defended have had their own run-ins with the law. In the original post to this story, we pointed out how easy it is to blame the poor victim who often has no rights and how easy it is to ignore the criminal acts of the privileged whom society seems to always ignore. This is the perfect example. 

“Justiceiros (vigilantes)” that tied young man to a pole have a long criminal record

The “justiceiros” or vigilantes who tortured and tied a young man naked to a pole have been accused of rape, bodily injury, theft in a condo, threats and drug use.

The police have identified two suspects of having tortured a naked teen and tying him to a on Avenida Oswaldo Cruz in the Flamengo area of Rio de Janeiro.

The two suspects have criminal records. João Vitor is accused of rape, bodily injury, theft in a condo and threat. Raphael has responded to drug use and refusal of election services. Witnesses affirm that the beating was done by 30 people.

Journalist Fernando Brito, of Tijolaço, commented on the case. Read below:

Sheherazade’s “Anjos-linchadores (lynching angels)” have a criminal record. Does she want to adopt one of them? This is to say that, tired of the inaction of the state, 30 legitimate representatives of “civilized” society emerged on motorcycles with clubs and chains, to restore the “climate of peace and tranquility” in the streets of Flamengo in Rio de Janeiro.

They went through the streets, according to journalist Rachel Sheherazade, applied the article of the Code of Criminal Procedure and apprehended criminals in the act, to lead them to the incompetent police officials that did not fulfill its duty to stop them?

Civil Police identified two “justiceiros” suspected of torturing and chaining a naked young man to a pole. The criminals were defended by the SBT TV journalist, Rachel Sheherazade.

They were all good men, workers who, after a hard day’s work, abandoned the tranquility of their homes, in the name of their thriving humanity, boldly facing marginality.

And seeing that there were only 30 (of them), against three 15 or 16 year olds, one perceives such courage! Now, we start to see the identity of these “figurines”.

Two were identified. Both have criminal records; one of them on charges of rape, bodily harm, theft and threat. It is, Raquel, to use your own words on TV, “dirtier than a hen’s perch.”

Would you get upset if I give you the same advice that you gave to whoever argues that human beings are not to be chained naked to a pole?

Why don’t you adopt them?

Who knows, maybe you’ll earn your own private Justin Bieber; jusy a boy with whom you can “take it easy” on.

Source: Pragmatismo Político, O Dia

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  1. In Brazil, the summary killing of robbery victims even after they have turned over their property, criminals robbing then burning public buses, criminals bombing bank machines to get the money, criminal brandishing machine guns and shooting at police stations, and much more are all everyday occurrences….not to mention cronyism, corruption, and impunity in government and business.

    As a result Brazilians in general are at a lost about how to deal with the general break down of law and order in all levels of their society and at a lost about how to deal with the underlying causes. And in this general environment the action born of anger and frustration of these vigilantes however misguided should be considered a moderated response…since the summary killing of criminals is not unusual.

    It is easy to criticize and shout that the act of the vigilantes was racist and cruel but neither that nor praise of their actions will yield solutions to the problems.

    Consider that shortly after being taken to the hospital after the first beating he snuck out of the hospital and ran away before completing treatment. And he never entered into contact with the various social servces offered to him…not even that offered by the founder of the Projeto Uerê, Yvonne Bezerra de Melo, that waited by his side for hours while he was chained to the post. So Brazilians wonder what does it mean if social programs are rejected by those intended to help? And if the help is accepted is it really effective?


    Furthermore, just weeks after being beaten and locked to a lamp post for robbing a bicycle in the neighborhood the same teenager was caught again by a crowd of people after robbing a necklace from a woman on the same street. Witnesses report that several people attempted to flag down a passing police patrol car but it did not stop and that it took over 40 minutes for police to arrive and take him to jail. So Brazilians wonder what should we do if they police and courts are ineffective and that even after vigilantes catch and beat an offender he returns to the same area to rob again…Should the vigilantes have killed him?

    What are the solutions? And will Brazilian society hold together and not descend into total chaos before the solutions are found?

    So Deus Sabe.

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