YouTube’s 1st Black Beauty Encounter seminar brings lively discussion on beauty and self-esteem


Note from BW of Brazil: The Month of Black Consciousness is in full swing as celebrations and events will continue for another two weeks. A few days ago, one event, the first of its kind, took place in São Paulo as mostly black women came together to discuss pertinent issues to black women such as beauty, self-esteem, empowerment and racial discrimination. The value of such events cannot be underestimated as Brazilian society is notorious for being extremely racist while simultaneously denying that it is.

It is very fitting that a social media outlet such as You Tube promoted this event for a few reasons. 1) Along with the emergence of the importance of social networks/media has risen the free reigns of expressions of racism and prejudice on these very networks and 2) social media/networks such as You Tube have been instrumental in Afro-Brazilian activists, entrepreneurs, etc. being able to reach like-minded people, supporters and followers that would not be possible with the Brazilian media’s ultra Eurocentric physical aesthetics and cultural standards.

With the internet and the blogosphere, these independent voices are bringing information, advice, stories, ideas and ideals to a parcel of the population that the media has long pretended doesn’t exist. Afro-Brazilians not only exist, but they also want to see their views, opinions and images represented. At the end of this post, see a few of the black Brazilian women You Tubers who are giving the people want they want! 

The report and photos below are courtesy of the Soul Negra website as well as a video by Andreza Goulart. For more photos of this event check out our Tumblr page

1st Encounter of Youtube’s Black Beauty

Soul Negra (website) attended the 1st Encounter of Black Beauty with Youtubers. A milestone that deserves to be celebrated! Check out the photos and see what went down at the event.

by Patricia Brito


On Tuesday, the Soul Negra was invited to participate in the 1st Encounter of Black Beauty of Youtube. Google, through Youtube, bringing this matter to the agenda, promoted a milestone that deserves to be celebrated!

The encounter is part of the commemorations around the week of Black Consciousness and was coordinated by the nucleus of Afrogooglers. So there were two great things: the meeting in itself and knowing that the company is aware of its role in promoting equality and actually did something! I was pleased to hear life stories and exciting achievements.

Still from Dr. Katleen Conceição's presentation
Still from Dr. Katleen Conceição’s presentation on “Beauty and Self-Esteem”

But the good things didn’t stop there, with a focus on Beauty and Self Esteem, Dr. Katleen Conceição gave a very entertaining and enlightening interview/lecture on topics critical to the self-esteem of black women. Her life experience as the daughter of a military father, growing up and professionalizing herself among the circles of the Rio’s “elite”, I’m sure of which inspired many Youtubers present.

And as was said at the event, talking about Black Beauty is having to talk about prejudice and discrimination, the roundtable with Youtubers Xan Ravelli, Maraísa Fidelis and Márcio Costa discussed the prejudiced comments on the channels, how it affects them and tips to deal with this issue.


In both two moments two issues were very clear to me:

  • The importance of family in building the self-esteem of black women and men (1). They play a key role so that children feel secure, conscious and know how to position themselves in the face of harassment and prejudiced attacks. They are victims of a historical question, but can be protagonists of their own history.
  • The necessity of bringing this debate to society as a whole, after all we are not talking about a minority, but the majority of the population, which is constantly subject to situations that in front of this globalized world and all the miscegenation that characterizes Brazilian-ness about prejudice of all forms (veiled and washed).

But putting aside a little of the political side of the story, the event was also a black beauty show…. People…A show! So many beautiful black women! And networking between the guests and panelists, of course Dr. Katleen was very much besieged, but also very helpful and catering to all requests for photos!

The Happy Hour closing was a delight, but an obligation with my mother quickly brought me back home, but not without “commissioning” a photo that would translate my feelings resulting from the 1st Encounter of Black Beauty of Youtube.

This one here:


Black Panthers – Black power to black people! And in Portuguese, translation: Poder Para o Povo Preto!

Waiting anxiously for the next events and for more Black Beauty in Brazil.

Maraísa Fidelis of the Blz Interior channel
Maraísa Fidelis of the Blz Interior channel
Xan Ravelli of the Soul Vaidosa channel
Xan Ravelli of the Soul Vaidosa channel
Patrícia Avelino of the Patricia Avelino Beleza Negra channel
Patrícia Avelino of the Patricia Avelino Beleza Negra channel
Mari of the Mari Morena channel
Mari of the Mari Morena channel
Josi of the Negra Vaidosa por Josi Helena channel
Josi of the Negra Vaidosa por Josi Helena channel
Day of the Dayellen Pâmela channel
Day of the Dayellen Pâmela channel
Aline França of the Aline França blog
Aline França of the Aline França blog

Source: Soul Negra


  1. Very important point that has been pointed out on this blog in a number of previous posts. Many of the problems with self-esteem and identity within the Afro-Brazilian population are a direct result of not only Brazil’s particular brand of racism (that denies it while practicing it) as well as the lack of discussions about racism and racial identity within the homes of Afro-Brazilian families.
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